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Playing with a Waterproof Vibrator

A waterproof vibrator is many women’s best buddy – perfect for a little bit of me-time, when you need to get away from flatmates, kids or parents…

Lock them all out by locking yourself into the bathroom; run a warm bath and relax…

I Rub My Duckie Waterproof Vibrator - for stirring up more than bubbles in the bath!
I Rub My Duckie Waterproof Vibrator – for stirring up more than bubbles in the bath!

A waterproof vibrator is specially designed to be, well – waterproof!

The battery/charge compartments are completely sealed to make it watertight.

Submerging a regular vibrator into a bath is not recommended – it’ll go “POP”.

Using lube whilst playing in the bath, shower or Jacuzzi …

Water will wash away your natural juices, so using lube will help to keep moves sensual and friction-free.

Of course this depends how you are playing. For purely clitoral stimulation in the bath or Jacuzzi, the water will wash away everything, so adding lube is pointless – simply press your vibrator to your clitoris or vulva area and let the vibrations and warm water combine to do their trick…

For penetrative play or for gliding your vibrator over your clitoris and vulva (in the shower, for instance) you will need lube to avoid the distinctly un-sensual prospect of squeaky sex!

If you use a toy that’s made from hard plastic or glass, we’d recommend a silicone lube as it’ll stay slick throughout your session.

This is the best lube for ALL water play, whether with toys, fingers or partners.

But, take note: Everything silicone lube touches becomes and stays slippery, including tiles, bath rims and floors, so be very careful to apply only where necessary and clean up any spills, in order to avoid a passion-halting and potentially dangerous bathroom tumble.

With silicone and elastomer water-proof vibrators, silicone lube is not recommended, as, over time the two silicones can react together, potentially damaging the smooth surface of your toy.

So, for these vibrators, we recommend you use a thick, water-based lube like Sh! Pure Plus , which has a thicker consistency and more staying power.

The downside of battery-operated waterproof vibrators:

Because the lid into the battery compartment is such a tight (watertight!) seal, it can be tricky to open or close, especially if you have a weakened grip, arthritis etc.

In this case,  a rechargeable waterproof vibrator is a better option.


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