Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Glass & Pyrex

Glass and Pyrex – firm, temperature-responsive and super-slippery material.

Sex toys made from glass offer sensations that no other adult sex toy can:

A solid weightiness coupled with a super sleek surface means that glass sex toys are natural pleasers in penetration and especially good at G-Spot and prostate massage.

Glass toys, being very ridged, may feel too “un-natural” for some folks. If this is you, we recommend opting for toys made of softer, more pliable materials such as silicone or elastomer.

Glass dildos offer the firm pressure that the G-Spot & Prostate really enjoy...
Glass dildos offer the firm pressure that the G-Spot & Prostate really enjoy…


Pros Of Glass Sex Toys:

  • Firm, smooth texture
  • Phthalate-free
  • Temperature responsive so can be warmed or cooled for different sensations.
  • Non-porous surface, making glass toys easy to clean
  • A little lubricant makes surface super slippy

Cons of Glass Sex Toys:

  • Although extremely tough, it’s still possible to crack/shatter an adult sex toy made from glass: don’t drop on it your tiled floor! Also be be sure to examine the surface thoroughly before each and every playtime.

• Some glass adult sex toys are decorated with glass paint on the surface, rather than blown into the glass. This paint does eventually wear away: we recommend using condoms if the design is on the surface rather than integral.


Care & Cleaning of Glass Sex Toys

Wash in top rack of dishwasher, or use antibacterial soap and hot water, or spray with Sh! Sex Toy Cleaner. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Store wrapped in padded bag or protective packaging supplied with the toy.

Overall Verdict: Glass toys are fantastic toys for those who enjoy G-Spot stimulation. Non-porous and very hygienic, glass toys are a great option!

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