Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Plastic

Plastic – cool, sleek material delivering strong vibrations.

There are two different kinds of plastic used in adult toy manufacturing: standard plastic and ABS plastic (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers).

They are quite different in quality although both have a super smooth, shiny surface that feels cool and firm.

Both kinds of plastic deliver really intense vibrations as none of the intensity is swallowed up by a soft material.


Is hard plastic the right sex toy material for you?

Sh! Bullet Vibrator £10
Sh! Bullet Vibrator £10

All shiny, inflexible adult toys like the Crystal High Intensity Bullet Vibe, the Ultra Vector Egg, the Silencer Vibrator and the Sh! Bullet are made from standard hard plastic.

High end adult toys like many of the Luxury Vibrators are also made wholly or partially with hard plastic, but these toys use ABS plastic. ABS plastic has a high mechanical and impact strength and is therefore the best quality.

Whether standard or ABS, plastic is a cool rigid material that transmits vibrations better than most materials.

As with all materials, plastic has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it delivers super-charged vibrations, you only need a little lube to make these adult toys super slippery and their firmness can be just what the G-Spot or prostate ordered. On the other hand, the inflexibility and coolness of hard plastic sex toys can feel “un-natural” and for internal pleasure, their shapes can be a bit too truncheon-like for some folks.

A vibrator made from a hard plastic material can be a lot noisier than the equivalent-sized toy in silicone.

This is because adult sex toys made from a softer, sound-absorbing material, muffle the sound of the vibration but also the vibration itself, whereas hard plastic sex toys don’t muffle either!

Hard plastic sex toys are made from a stable material, so they don’t absorb fluids and don’t disclose any substances integral to the material, unlike sex toys and vibrators made from jelly. Hard plastic toys don’t contain any phthalates or latex, so they are a good choice if your are concerned about these materials in your sex toys. Plastic adult sex toys are also odourless and really easy to clean.


Standard Plastic: Typically used in cheaper-end sex toys.

Clitoral Bullet
Clitoral Bullet, Standard Plastic

• Phthalate-Free
• Inexpensive
• Cool, sleek, rigid material which transmits some of the strongest vibrations
• Non-porous (does not disclose or absorb any substances)
• Holds lubricant well; sex toys become super-slippy with just a little squirt

• Inflexible material.
• Shorter lifespan than most other sex toy materials – will crack if dropped or split if battery cap is forced/over-tightened




ABS Plastic: Typically used in high-end sex toys

We Vibe Tango
We Vibe Tango, ABS Plastic

• Top quality material, means you’re getting a top-notch sex toy with superior motor and build quality
• Phthalate-free
• Cool, sleek, rigid material which transmits some of the strongest vibrations
• Non-porous (does not disclose or absorb any substances)
• Hold lubricant well; toys become super-slippy with just a little squirt

• More expensive.
• Inflexible material.

Cleaning & Care: wipe the surface with a damp cloth or use Sex Toy Cleaner. Be sure to dry the toy thoroughly before putting  away.


Egg & bullet style vibrators should be covered with a condom if played with internally – this makes it easier to remove the egg, as well as easier to keep the wire area clean.g away.


Overall Verdict: Plastic sex toys are great for delivering intense vibrations and a smooth sensation, but may not appeal if you want something that feels organic or is super-quiet.



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