Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Elastomer, TPR & TPE

Elastomer – a soft, safe sex toy material with no phthalates.

Elastomer toys share many of the same positive qualities of jelly adult toys, but without the possible health concerns of phthalates, which is why we offer sex toys made from elastomer in place of jelly.

What is Elastomer Sex Toy Material?

Elastomer is a new technology material and incorporates Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) and Thermoplastic Rubbers (TPR).

The word elastomer comes from two terms – “elastic” (describing the material’s quality to return to its original shape) and “mer” (from polymer meaning “many parts”).

LurveHeart Vibrating Cock Ring
LurveHeart Vibrating Ring £9

Elastomers start out soft and have hardeners added – this means that elastomer toys can vary from being super-soft & super-stretchy like the Lurve Heart Vibrating Cock Ring to being firm & dense-feeling like the Happy Vibrating Cock Ring or the Happy Duo Vibrator.

Vibrators and other adult sex toys made from elastomer feel smooth, soft and dry (unlike jelly toys which can feel tacky) and looks glossy. They give amazing sensations especially if it has a design that features tickly “prongs” that dance away with the vibration.

Every rabbit vibrator in our collection is made from body-safe sex toy materials
Every rabbit vibrator in our collection is made from body-safe sex toy materials

If you fancy a rabbit-style vibe, but are concerned about phthalates that are in many these vibes, or have been put off by the chemical smell/sticky feel of your rabbit vibrator, we are happy to say there ALL our rabbit vibrators are made of body-safe materials;   Sh! Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator & Sh! Jessica Rabbit Vibrator are made from elastomer –   all the same fab rabbit-vibe qualities but without the drawbacks of jelly material.

As fabulous a elastomer is, there are downsides to this material. First of all, elastomer is porous. This means you have to be meticulous when cleaning an elastomer toy. Being porous also means that elastomer toys cannot be effectively disinfected, so no sharing, with other people or between vaginal and anal play by yourself, unless covered with a condom.

Secondly, soft elastomer toys seem to react weirdly with condoms – when we tested this in our London store the two materials started to fuse together- granted the condom was left on for days so not really a true-to-life experiment, but it’s worth noting. Firmer elastomer toys seem ok.

Elastomer toys can absorb your natural juices, so make sure you have a bottle of your water-based lube handy.

Pros of Elastomer TPE/TPR Sex Toy Material:

• Phthalate-free
• Latex-free
• Hypo-allergenic
• Most commonly used in higher quality toys which also usually means better quality motors, switches etc.
• Recyclable

Cons of Elastomer TPE/TPR Sex Toy Material:

• Can be expensive
• Porous (can’t be disinfected)
• May not be compatible with latex so don’t use with condoms or store next to other adult toys especially those made from jelly.

Care & Cleaning of Elastomer TPE/TPR

Clean with very mild soap and water (harsh soaps can start to dissolve the surface). Better still use a special toy cleaner like Sh! Toy Cleaner. Dry thoroughly and store in a cool, dry, fluff-free place away from sunlight and any other toys.


Overall Verdict of Elastomer

A good choice for a soft, safe toy and its super-stretchiness is unrivaled in other sex toy materials.


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