How to Choose the Best Lube for You

Choosing the right lubricant for sex can be mind-boggling, we know: Feel? Taste? Longevity? Ingredients? Easy to do in-store, where all our lubricants are out as testers, so you can feel ( on fingers!) and taste… but less easy over the internet..

Lube makes sex better – and longer! We want everybody’s lube moments to be “oooooo” never “eeuww!” so to help you choose the right lubricant, ask yourself these questions:

1. What kind of sex do I want lube for?

First off, think about the kind of play this lube will mostly be used for.  Lube enhances every kind of sexual activity, increasing glide and sensitivity whatever your gender or sexuality and whether your playing solo or with a partner.

As one of the least expensive pleasure-intensifying products going, it’s worth having a dedicated lube for specific sexual situations…

  • All Sex

    Choose  any water-based lube.  Water-based is the best ‘all-round’ lube for every kind of sex, including sex toys. Most lubricant we stock is water-based as it’s easiest to wash from your body – and bed sheets!

  • Baby Making

    Choose Yes Baby Organic Lubricant.  Please be aware that some lube ingredients can kill sperm, so  if you are trying to conceive this organic, conception-promoting  lubricant is the only one we recommend.

  • Shower, Bathtime or Jaccuzzi Sex

    Choose a silicone lube– but be careful not to slip! Silicone lube sits on the surface and doesn’t wash away easily and that includes bathroom surfaces. Silicone lubricant is an oily-feel lube that is condom-safe.

  • Safer Sex

    Choose any lube. Lubricant is the cornerstone of safer sex. Use lube with condoms to prevent them splitting. Every lubricant we carry is latex-safe so whichever you choose, it will be fine for use with condoms.

  • Silicone Sex Toys

    Choose Water-Based LubeYou shouldn’t use silicone lube with  silicone sex toys as it’s possible, over time, that the two silicones  react together, causing damage to the lovely surface of your silicone toy.


2. How ‘natural’ do you want your lube to be?

Some ingredients used in lubricant can irritate some women, whilst others can use any lube without a care, or itch, in the world.

  • Sensitive to allergies?

Probe Thick Lube £14
Probe Thick Lube £14

Or simply sensitive ‘down there’?  Choose a uber-natural lubricant like Probe. which is a PH-neutral so it won’t upset the delicate balance in the vagina. Containing just 4 simple ingredients, we import  Probe directly from the US and it it the lube we particularly recommend to women who have found other lubes irritating. A common lube ingredient that can cause an allergic reaction is the paraben preservative (see below).


  • Prone to thrush?

Liquid Silk £14
Liquid Silk £14

Use a glycerin-free lubricant such as Liquid Silk. Glycerin is a form of sugar, and thrush thrives on sugar. Its not likely that a personal lubricant will actually give you thrush, but it can help create a world it would like to visit.


  • Keen to Avoid Parabens?

    Sh! Pure Lube £10
    Lube enhances every kind of sex you have together…

Use a paraben-free lube such as Sh! Pure if you are concerned about parabens – a widely-used antibacterial that has been raising health concerns.

Looking for Organic or Vegan Lube?

Sliquid is the lube for you. Using certified organic ingredients, 100% vegan-friendly, Sliquid is glycerin, paraben, & petroleum free.


How would you like your lube to feel?

  • Natural-feel?

    Probe is clear and stringy – it both feels and looks similar to women’s natural juices.

  • Non-Sticky?

    Sh! Lube Liquid feels and acts more like a lotion than a regular lube; it simply absorbs into the skin after a while, which makes it a great lube for erotic massage too.

  • Super long-lasting?

    Silicone lube acts and feels oily, sitting on the surface of the skin, delivering slippery glide that  feels similar to baby oil , though  slightly thicker. The downside to its long-lasting properties is that silicone lube doesn’t wash away easily and, like any oil, it can mark sheets and clothing.

  • Gel-like? 

    Sh! Pure has a clear gel consistency that isn’t ‘gloopy’ nor too sticky. It washes away easily.

  • Thick?

    Sh! Pure Plus contains less water and so is extra thick, providing substantial lubrication.

 Is how a lube tastes important?

  • Probe is a pretty much taste-free, as is our Sh! Pure range.
  • Silicone-based lube  (inevitably) tastes rather oily.
  • Liquid Silk  has a slightly bitter undercurrent.
Lush Flavoured Lube £10
Lush Flavoured Lube £10

Whilst not recommended as a ‘everyday’ lubricant, flavoured lube adds a delicious lickability to oral sex.


Too many lube choices?

We know that buying a lubricant on the net can be mind-boggling as you can’t feel the consistency or do a taste test, as you can in the Sh! store.

Lube Sample Kit - 6 Different Lubricant Sachets £4This is why we’ve created a lube sample kit.  Available in either plain or flavoured, each kit contains 6 lube sachets so you can test which one you prefer before investing in a larger bottle.


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