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Flavoured Lubes

Flavoured lube is a great way to spice up sex and add lip-smacking flavour to oral sex. We test every flavoured lube (rejecting the gacky ones!) and select only the best, most natural-tasting, edible lubricants we can find...

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Sliquid Swirl Flavoured Lubes

Sliquid Naturals Swirl Flavoured Lube

Vegan Edible Lubricant For Oral Play

Handipop Edible Hand Job Massage Gel

Handipop Edible Hand Job Massage Gel

Male Masturbation Flavoured Lube: 3 Flavours

Intimate Earth: Salted Caramel Oral Pleasure Glide

Intimate Earth: Salted Caramel Oral Pleasure Glide

Turn oral sex into a delicious dessert with this exquisitely flavoured lubricant

Licolicious: Throat Coating Oral Delight Cream - 3 Flavours

Licolicious Oral Delight Cream

Throat Coating Flavoured Lube for Prolonged Blow-Jobs!

Natural Lube by ID Frutopia

Natural Flavoured Lube by ID Frutopia

All-natural fruity & delicious lube: Choice of 6 fabulous flavours

Flavoured Lube Sample Kit

Flavoured Lube Sample Kit

6 Delicious Lube Sachets

Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus

Ultimate Guide To Cunnilingus

Essential Guide To Going Down On A Woman

Ultimate Guide to Fellatio by Violet Blue

Ultimate Guide To Fellatio

How to go down on a man & give him mind-blowing pleasure

Touché Ice Mint Edible Lube & Massage : 3 Favours to Choose

Touché Ice Edible Lube and Massage Gel

Lickable & Freezable Lubricant For Massage & Sex : 3 Flavours

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9 Item(s)