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Your Clitoris & How to Pleasure It

The anatomy of the clitoris was first described in 1559 by Renaldus Columbus of Padua, who claimed that previous anatomists had overlooked the very existence of “so pretty a thing".

And it remained overlooked until 1998, when Australian Urologist Helen O’Connell found there was much more to the clitoris than the ‘little hill’ (the meaning of the Greek root 'Kleitoris').

The ‘little hill’ was actually just the tip of an iceberg. That the true complexity of the clitoris wasn't discovered until late into the 20th century says a lot about how female sexuality has been undervalued and misunderstood.

As the only organ in the human body solely dedicated to sexual pleasure and the epicentre of most women's orgasmic world, the clitoris should never be undervalued or overlooked!

The clitoris is the most sensitive organ in the human body

Much, MUCH more sensitive than the tongue, fingertips or penis.

A good way for men to understand just how sensitive it is, is to imagine the sensitivity of their penis x 2 , compacted into the size of a pea – pow!

The clitoral tip, also known as the glans, is what most people know, and refer to as, 'the clitoris'.

Clitoris picture The Anatomy of the Clitoris

It lies beneath the fold of skin (called the clitoral hood) at the top of the inner vaginal lips. The tip and the hood are the only parts of the clitoris that lie outside the body.

Internal Clitoris

Internally, the hidden parts of clitoris are two wishbone-shaped shafts (clitoral legs) and 2 bulbs of erectile tissue that lie either side of the vaginal opening.

The urethral sponge (The G-Spot) is also likely to be part of the internal clitoral structure and appears certainly inter-connected. Debate still rages about its existence, with preciously little proper research, so until that is done, we're going on our own evidence of talking to thousands of women about their special spot

When you become turned on, your clitoris swells with blood and becomes erect.

It can even double in size.

When you become really aroused, the clitoral tip retracts under its hood and may no longer be visible or even twiddlable..

The clitoral tip can retreat, and return to play, several times during sex, but during orgasm your clitoris is always retracted.

The different parts of the clitoris produce different sensations and only by exploring, and honing in on what feels good, will you  discover the full pleasures your clitoris has to offer you.

Touching the tip gives the most intense sensation which many women don't find very  pleasurable.  If the touch is too firm, it can actually be painful.

Most women find stroking around the sides of the clitoris, rather than directly on it, far more pleasurable.

Women have incredible complex sexual responses and can take a long time to orgasm. This is great news for the intensity of our orgasms (the longer the build-up, the better the orgasm) but it can mean hands, tongues and lovers can tire...

This is where the orgasm-busting power of a great vibe can come into its own.

Playing with a vibrator, whether with a partner or solo, can allow you to discover new ways to feel pleasure and new ways to orgasm.

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