10 Reasons to Love Classic Vibrators

Many women choose a Classic Vibrator as their first toy. A Classic Vibe is very easy to use and its long, slim shape is closely associated with the word “vibrator”. It’s a successful design that has been loved and lusted over for several decades, and Classic Vibrators continue to be popular with women today.

Here are our Top 10 reasons to love Classic Vibrators:

1. Classic vibes have simple design


The most common design of a Classic Vibrator is straight, smooth and seamless with a tapered end for easy insertion, although newer designs can be somewhat fancier with patterns, ribbing and diamante details.

The tapered end and smooth shaft are especially good if you are experiencing problems surrounding penetration, and this is the preferred shape for women using dilating kits to train their vaginal muscles to relax.


Vaginismus kit
Vaginismus kit – created for vaginal training / dilating from size-graded classic vibrators


2. Classic vibrators deliver strong stimulation

Classic vibrators may look like they ‘should’ be used for penetration but actually many women enjoy them solely for clitoral stimulation, Many classic vibes are  made from hard plastic sex toy material which  transmits vibrations more intensely than any other sex toy material. This extra power can be enough to push you over the edge and into orgasmic bliss.

For women who need a lot of stimulation in order to have an orgasm, a hard-plastic Classic Vibe would be a good choice.

RO 150 Slimline Classic Vibrator
Vibratos made from sleek, hard plastic which transmit vibration really effectively



3. Classic Vibes are great for G-Spot stimulation

A larger-size Classic Vibe, such as Silencer Vibrator can work wonders on your G-Spot. This toy is sizeable enough to render your G-spot helpless,  and unable to ‘get away” from the vibrations – i.e your G-Spot can’t help but become turned on!

The Silencer transmits a heavy throb, rather than a high-pitched buzz, and if you enjoy G-Spot play, this kind of buzz may be worth exploring.

As with any larger toy, make sure you feel very turned on before inserting or your experience maybe be more painful than pleasurable. The straight up & down shape of a classic vibe doesn’t follow the natural curve of the vaginal canal, so high arousal and lube is essential for a good time.

Silencer Vibe (£13) delivers strong, deep, rumbly vibration that your G-Spot may enjoy
Silencer Vibe (£13) delivers strong, deep, rumbly vibration that your G-Spot may enjoy..



4. Many classic Vibes are affordable and easy to run

Unlike smaller egg or bullet vibrators ( which often require tricky to handle watch-style batteries, which can cost a lot, over time) many battery-driven classic Vibes run on regular AA or AAA’s, so popping them in doesn’t require the dexterity of a magician and getting hold of fresh batteries couldn’t be more convenient – you can easily pick them up  in your local shop.

However, if you want to really look after your vibrator, we recommend using Sexy Batteries as they have been specially designed to look after the sometimes delicate motors of sex toys,  whilst still offering strong, long-lasting power.

Classic vibrators often run on AA & AAA batteries, which make them easy and affordable to power-up.



5. All Sh! Classic vibrators are phthalates-free, body-safe, easy to keep clean and store.

Many other sex toy retailers carry classic vibrators in Jelly/ PVC material, so in case your browsing other sites (;p), this is definitely something to consider when choosing a new vibrator, as toys made from porous materials, like Jelly/PVC will harbour germs and could possibly cause unpleasant bacterial infections.

Our classic vibe selection contains only body-safe toys, mostly in hard plastic and silicone. These are are non-porous materials, which means they are non-absorbent, so lube & bodily fluids are washed straight off, whether with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner or soap & water.



6. Classic vibes can offer deeper stimulation

Like deep penetration? You’re not alone. Some women find that their cervix is very sensitive and responsive to pleasurable stimulation, as is the the outer third of their vagina.  A Classic Vibrator can easily stimulate both these areas simultaneously, especially if you’re using a toy with a longer shaft.

RO 160 Classic Vibrator
RO 160 Classic Vibrator – 7 inches long for deeper pentration

Tip: Squeeze your PC muscle around the shaft whilst wiggling the vibrator for extra sensations.


7. The length of many classic vibrators are great for women with mobility restrictions

The longer shaft of Classic Vibrators makes them easy to hold and manoeuvre. This is especially good for people with mobility restrictions. Choosing a vibe with a longer, handle and a softer shaft can make it easier to stimulate hard-to-reach places.

Toys made from Silicone feel softer and warmer, as well as generally more flexible than similar toys made from hard plastic. A softer material can be beneficial if you find hard plastic too harsh on your delicate areas.

Lelo Liv Vibrator is easy to hold and operate...
Lelo Liv Vibrator is easy to hold and operate…



8. Long live the classic!

Look after your Classic Vibe well and you’ll have many an orgasmic experience to look forward to. Because many are simple and sleek in design, there’s often less to go wrong or break with a classic vibe.

However, cheaper plastic can crack if dropped onto a hard floor, so make sure your toy doesn’t get flung out of bed with wild abandon after playtime has ended! The more expensive toys made from ABS plastic are sturdier and unlikely to break if dropped.

Whilst you can get a good Classic Vibrator for under £20, it might be worth spending a little extra for excellent quality.


9. Men can enjoy classic vibrations too!

A Classic Vibe can be used on male partners too – slowly run the vibrator over the raphe (the long hump of skin on the back of the penis), or hold it against the fraenulum ( the underside of the penis, right at the base of the ‘head’ or ‘glans’ of the penis) or even against the outside of your cheek, for extra-exciting oral sex.

A Classic vibe can also be held against the perineum ( the super-sensitive strip of skin that runs between his balls and bum) for sensational buzzing that resonates through to the Prostate Gland.

Never use a Classic Vibe for insertion during anal play though as this could end badly ( as in an unfortunate trip to A&E!)  as the strong muscle inside the bum, may decide to grab hold of the toy and suck it in… It is always best to use a specially designed anal vibrator for backdoor play.


10. Classic Vibrators are much loved for the strong orgasms they can tease out.

A hard, focussed vibration can help bring on an orgasm from the most stubborn of clits and even if you are orgasmic at te drop of a hat, they can help you discover new ways to experience pleasure

If you normally dive right in, try swirling your vibe around the clitoris rather than apply the tapered end directly to the hyper-sensitive clitoral tip. Experiment with pressure and motion, and enjoy discovering new pleasure points.

Who knows, it might just lead to a sensational, earth-shattering climax!


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