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Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Jelly

Rest Assured – We only stock Body-Safe Toys

Sh! doesn’t stock any toys made of Jelly, because of phthalates, but there are still lots of companies that do.

So, whilst you won’t find any Jelly sex toys on our shelves, we still figure we should tell you what the pros & cons of jelly toys are.

Jelly Pros
• Soft, squishy feel
• Cheap
• Colourful

Jelly Cons
• Contain phthalates to a lesser or greater degree.
• Porous – cannot be disinfected
• Material eventually “breaks down” so jelly sex toys will have a shorter lifespan than hard plastic or silicone sex toys.
• Jelly toys can contain latex and so aren’t recommended for people with a latex allergy

How to identify a Jelly Toy

Usually translucent with tiny bubbles running through it, the easiest way to identify it is that it discloses quite a strong, chemically smell, particularly when the toy is new.

Jelly is a soft, squishy material which is a mix of PVC and Phthalate Softeners. PVC is totally safe, but phthalates, though widely used in mainstream cosmetics, have recently raised heath concerns.

Phthalates have been associated with negative health effects. However, not all adult sex toys made from jelly are the same. Different grades of PVC/phthalates are used in adult toy manufacture: the more phthalates, the more your toy will give off a chemical smell and have an oily feel.

Care & Cleaning of Jelly Sex Toys

If you DO still own a jelly toy it is best to cover it with a condom and use only water-based lubes with jelly toys. Clean with mild soap and water (harsh soaps/washing up liquid can start to dissolve the surface). Better still use a special toy cleaner like Sh! Toy Cleaner, but be meticulous to be sure the toy’s absorbent surfaces are totally clean. Dry thoroughly and store in a cool, dry, fluff-free place, away from sunlight and any other toys. As jelly toys can react weirdly with sunlight and other sex toys causing the surface to breakdown/melt or fuse with other toys.

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