Where is the G-Spot? How to Find it & Have a G-Spot Orgasm

‘Will a G-Spot toy help me find mine?’

‘I bought a G-Spot vibrator and played with it, but nothing happened – why?’

We’re asked these questions, and countless other G-Spot queries, all the time in-store.

Despite the hype, for most of us, our G-Spots are not easy to find or stimulate, so don’t think you are the only woman in the world unable to have wall-to-wall G-Spot orgasms or to experience female ejaculation.

If you haven’t felt your G-Spot, or more specifically pleasure from your G-Spot, you are, in fact, in the majority.

Follow our advice below, and read our other advice on the G-Spot to help discover yours, but please keep in mind; this is meant to be a pleasurable journey of exploration, not a grim expedition to the G-pole!


Arousal is No1 key to responding to G Spot sensations…

There’s absolutely no point or pleasure in going after a G-Spot orgasm without being very, VERY aroused.

Certainly, as you become aroused, the spongy area around the G-Spot will become swollen and engorged with blood.

But G-Spot sensations don’t always necessarily feel pleasurable which is why it’s important to be really turned-on. Only then, can you be responsive to G-Spot sensations and the pleasure this can give you.

So read erotica, watch a sexy movie, enjoy a sensual massage from your partner, tease your nipples and your clitoris, but don’t let yourself orgasm.

Finding your G-Spot with fingers…

We recommend trying to find your G-Spot with your fingers first as they will feel the different texture of the G-Spot.

Firstly,  find a position that’s comfortable for you and for reaching inside yourself; try lying on your back with your knees drawn up, on all fours or squatting.

With your palm covering your vulva and clitoris, slowly slip 1 or 2 fingers inside yourself. We highly recommend using lubricant to really enhance your sensitivity.

Your fingers will naturally curve forwards, as you slip them inside, but crook them forward some more, towards your pubic bone.

G-Spot picture
G-Spot picture

Your G-Spot may not be as far inside as you think…

Feel for a slightly bumpy/ridged area on the front wall of your vagina, approximately half a fingers’ length inside.

It could be less, or slightly more. Somewhere between an inch (or less) up to 3 inches inside – so don’t go delving too deeply!

The texture and surface of the G Spot feels different from the typically smooth walls of the vagina.

The bumpy ridges are erectile tissue that swells and hardens when you become aroused.

Some women find that their G-Spot can actually be stimulated from the outside – try firm rubbing or patting around the urethral opening (where you pee from) to see if this works for you.


Using Sex Toys or Vibrators to Find Your G-Spot

Whilst we recommend learning to identify the spot using your fingers, it can be difficult and tiring to stimulate it to the point of orgasm solely by hand.

This is where a great G-Spot toy, with a curved, probing end, can help bring on the fireworks.

But there is nothing magical about a G-Spot toy; it’s simply a good tool to keep on the pressure!

There are three types of G spot toys;


G-Spot Dildo
G-Spot Dildos £28 – £130

G-Spot Dildo

Firm yet user-friendly with an ergonomic shape and smooth, rounded head for applying pressure on the right spot, these Sh! dildos have been specially designed for G-Spot pleasure.


G-Spot Vibrator
G-Spot Vibrators £15 – £134

G-Spot Vibrator

Whilst the G-Spot responds to firm sensations, rather than vibration, a G-Spot vibrator, with its  curved, angled end is specially shaped for exploration, plus it gives you the option of adding a buzz to your play.

Look for a head with a large surface area  to give you the best chance of locating your G-Spot.


Glass Dildo
Glass Dildos £28 -£74

Glass Dildo

Smooth, sleek, intensely firm and weighty, a dildo made of safe glass is probably one of the most G-Spot awakening toys there is.



How to Pleasure Your G-Spot

The G-Spot responds best to firm pressure and as it swells and hardens (as you become even more aroused) it can take firmer and firmer rubbing.

Stimulate it inside using a ‘come here’ motion of your fingers and circular swirling movements.

With a dildo or vibrator, keep the toy pressed firmly on the spot and move it around in small circular motions.

We call this motion ‘juicing the G-Spot’ and its key to success.

As you ‘juice’, with your other hand, use a finger to press and stimulate the area around your urethral opening.

G-Spot Gel

Tickle Her G Spot Pleasure Gel
Tickle Her G Spot Pleasure Gel (£18)

There is a special cream Tickle Her G-Spot Gel, which receives great reviews from customers and Team Sh! alike.

It is formulated to swell the G-Spot and make it more sensitive; in a world of hype, this stuff really does seem to work…

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to a G-Spot orgasm is feeling like you want to pee.

This feeling is the main reason why women stop themselves having a G-Spot orgasm. You need to get past this feeling, if you are to experience a G-Spot orgasm. Visit the loo before you start, put a towel underneath yourself, and if a worry pops-up, just keep fantasising until it goes away…

Love balls £10 -£129
Love balls £10 -£129

Love Balls are a great way to get yourself a a strong PC muscle, that if you squeeze rhythmically during sex, will also improve your chances /strength of orgasm – both G-Spot and clitoral.

We hope we’ve helped you better understand how to find and pleasure your G-Spot… Now, over to you!

If you’d like any tailored advice or recommendations, please feel free to drop us a line at advice@sh-womenstore.com. We’ll answer you privately. We may also share your question and our response on our blog, so others may benefit, but we promise it will always be anonymous, with nothing left it to identify you.

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