Q&A: Nipple Clamps & Sensitivity

Dear Sh!

I wonder if you can help. My partner and I would like to try nipple clamps, but I have pretty sensitive nipples so could you advise on which would be the best type for me?

Hi there,

If you have sensitive nipples/breasts, we’d say go easy with nipple clamps, buy an adjustable set and don’t leave them on for too long -probably no more than 30 minutes.

An excellent set of nipple clamps for beginners are Rubber Coated Nipple Clamps as not only are they coated with rubber for softer pinching but they have screws on either side to adjust tightness.

As women, our sensitivity levels can fluctuate with our hormones, so the same sensation from nipple clamps that turns us on one week can turn us off the next.

Breast sensitivity is heightened just before or during our period so go gently with nipple clamps during this time.


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Team Sh!



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