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Tweezer Nipple Clamps

Tweezer Nipple Clamps Easy Adjustable Ideal for Beginners


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Tweezer Nipple Clamps

Easy Adjustable Squeeze Clips: Ideal for Beginners

Key Features:

  • Easy to use - fabulous first-time clamps for beginners
  • Totally adjustable V-Opening so you can find exactly right level of squeeze
  • Maximum opening size 1 inch
  • Connected by chain to tweek for increased sensations
  • Not just for nipples, clamps can be used on labia, clitoral hood and male equipment too..

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  • Product Description
    These V-opening nipple clamps are pretty easy to use - simply slip the tweezer onto the nipple and slide the rubber cuff down to create the desired pinch.

    Tweezer clamps may look fierce, but actually they are totally adjustable which makes them very suitable for beginners.

    Tweezer clamps allow you to easily find the right level of squeeze that you fancy, and they look so hot on!

    Friendly and fun, Tweezer clamps are connected by a chain that can be pulled, tweaked or weighted as you get into your erotic play...

    You can use tweezer clamps on other erotic places too: clit? labia? his man business?

    Remember once the Tweezer Clamps come off, blood will rush to the area, leaving you gasping ... quite possibly for more!

    Tweezer Clamps open to 25mm.

  • Product Reviews
    1. by Melanie

      These were bought as an introduction to clamping, never having tried it before but a new partner was quite keen. We found them a little fiddly to use especailly in 'the heat of the moment' finding it a two hand job to get them attached. However once you've got the hang of it they are quite easy to use, the tricky bit was getting them tight enough to stay put. I have continued to use them during solo play but my partner is less keen on them. (Posted on 26/08/2011)

    2. by Renee

      The tweezer clamps are r e a l l y easy to use - you just slide the 'thingie' to where you want it, so the tweezers can be as loose or as tight as you want. The chain looks sexy and can be tugged for extra oomph, if you are that way inclined... :) They aren't 'mean' so good choice if you are new to clamping. (Posted on 23/08/2009)

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