Q&A: His Penis Doesn’t Fit Inside Me

Dear Sh!

Sometimes my boyfriend’s penis won’t fit inside me.

What is wrong?

Hi there,

Your ladygarden is an amazing organ that is expandable (rather than being an open space) so it’s unlikely that your boyfriend is too big.

Just think what happens during childbirth…

If his penis ‘doesn’t fit’, your body is probably not yet aroused, relaxed or wet enough for penetrative sex

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Lush Lubricant £10

A squirt from your trusty lube bottle and lots more lusty loving of the non-penetrative sort may prime your body to getting to a ‘give it to me’ state of readiness.

Try not to worry or anticipate failure. This will only cause you anxiety which will make  your body to tense-up even more causing a viscous cycle.

Be open with your boyfriend.  For the vast majority of men, their woman’s pleasure and orgasm is very important to them.

Perhaps agree together that sex doesn’t always have to involve penetration.

This may be enough to release you from your worries and allow you to get out of your head and into your body.

Deep breathing can also help as it allows you to relax more.

If things persist or you feel its more than a simple lack of wetness or readiness, then there is a condition called Vaginismus which you might want to investigate. It causes the vaginal muscles to involuntarily constrict making intercourse impossible or painful. It effects 100,000’s of women and yet it is rarely discussed and little understood.

We hope this helps. If you’d like any further advice, just give us a shout.

Best Wishes

Team Sh!

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