Why Buy a Luxury Vibrator?

Gone (and good riddance!) are the days when a woman wanting a little thrill in her life only had the choice between a medical-looking massager or a pretend willy vibrator.

Top-end vibrator designers, like our friends Lelo and Je Joue, have brought luxury vibrator style, along with top quality motors, premium materials and inventive sensations to our bedrooms.

Desire Vibrator
Desire Vibrator £49

And we have our own range, in the form of our best-selling Desire, Secret and Excite.

Just like other designer goodies, a luxury vibrator will cost more, but women have always known that longevity, good looks and top performance are way better than cheap thrills…

A luxury vibrator is on many women’s wish list, and can be well worth saving up for…

Thinking of buying a luxury vibe? Here’s what you’ll get for your money:

  • Functionality; A designer vibrator offers many different vibrating patterns, many of which you can individually control the intensity of – fabulous for exploring lots of different sensations from the lightest of touches to a rolercoaster ride of thrills.
  • Body Safe Materials: Most are made from body-safe silicone; super-tactile and strokeable, it feels very skin-like to touch.
  • Quality Motors: A top-end vibrator is very different from mass-manufactured, cheap vibrators – looked after with care, a luxury vibrator will last you for years and years…
  • Rechargeable: Most luxury vibrators are rechargeable via wall socket or USB – charge your toy whilst you’re working…now that’s an incentive we can all get onboard with!
  • Volume – Most luxury  vibrators are quiet – some nearly silent. This is a bonus in a quiet bedroom, or if you have keen ears next door…
  • Waterproof – Most are 100% waterproof – this makes bath time so much more fun!

Luxury Vibrators

  • Extras – When you purchase a designer vibe, you’ll find they come presented in beautiful  boxes, often with extras such as free lube.

In addition to the delights inside, this stylish packaging makes a luxury vibrator a great gift.

So, taking all of the above into consideration, the higher price tag of a designer vibrator doesn’t seem so unreasonable. Or, as our shop team often put it: Worked out per orgasm, they’re worth it!’



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