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Best G-Spot Toys

G Spot sex toys have a shaft, to penetrate with,  and a curved tip to stimulate the front wall of the vagina, just behind the pubic bone, where the G spot is located.

The G Spot can take a long to respond and when it does, it’s most likely to respond to deep pressure and vigorous motion rather than a delicate touch or light vibration.

The g-spot is located approximately a crooked finger length inside, but it can be difficult as well as tiring to find and stimulate it with just your fingers.

A penetrative toy, angled towards the front of the body,  can make it easier to deliver firm g-spot massage and because it's easier and less tiring,  the sensations will be more consistent .... and consistency is key to G-Spot pleasure.

A G-spot toy is simply a penetratve toy, whether a vibrator or a dildo with a curved head, which means you don't have to angle it so much - the shape does it for you!

We generally recommend a G-Spot vibrator to women who come to the store, looking to discover G-Spot pleasure or asking how to have their first G-Spot orgasm. This is not because vibration is key to G Spot orgasms.  As we've said it's more about consistent,  deep pressure. But being very aroused is also a very important part of g-spot orgasm and vibration can trigger, build and maintain arousal.

But no  vibrator or  dildo, whether or not it's designed with specific g-spot curves can guarantee you will have a g-spot orgasm.  Just like a special hairbrush wont magically give you sleek hair - you still have to learn to blowdry it that way!

Learning how to G-Spot orgasm depends entirely on learning how to identify and relax into your body’s sensations.

Our Best G Spot Toy Recommendations


Mini G-Spot Vibe Mini G-Spot Vibe £18

G-Spot Sensations on a Budget

To start exploring g spot pleasure without, breaking the bank the Mini G Spot vibrator features a g-spot friendly curved-tip and has just enough length to massage the spot.






Curved G-Spot Vibrator £22 Curved G-Spot Vibrator £22

Slim but Satisfying Pleasure

Uneasy about penetration? You don't need to be 'deep-filled' to enjoy G-Spot orgasms. The Curved G-Spot Vibrator features  a slender 1.25 inch wide shaft that undulates sensually to deliver massage  to the front wall of the vagina and a targeted G Spot head.






G-Spot Rabbit £39 G-Spot Rabbit £39

  'Blended Orgasm'

A 'blended orgasm' is an orgasm that feels like it comes from both inside and outside.   The most famous blended orgasm toy is a rabbit vibrator.  Because it combines different sensations, it can be difficult to know for sure the internal sensations are specifically G-Spot ... and really, in the midst of an orgasm - who cares!!?

The G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator combines clitoral-tickling rabbit ears with a curved tip and slightly bulbous head for targeted internal massage.






Desire Vibrator £49 Desire Vibrator £49

Luxury  G-Spot Pleasure

Desire Vibrator also has a slim shaft ( it flares to 1.5 inches at widest but is only about 1 inch at the tip) Rather than a curved tip, it has a 45 degree angled shaft, which makes massaging the whole of the front wall of the vagina easier. The pronounced bend at the base means it's 20 different vibration patterns will thrill your clitoris too.





G-Twist Vibrator £44 G-Twist Vibrator £44

Fulfilling Sensations

G Twist Vibrator has a ridged shaft for extra deep stimulation which flares towards the base to offer simultaneous clitoral stimulation .






Bella Silicone G-Spot Vibrator £22 Bella Silicone G-Spot Vibrator £22

More Hit, Less Miss! 

As the g spot is stimulated it swells and can grow from being the size of a pea to the size of a walnut. Many women find toys with a large head, such as Bella G Spot Vibrator have the surface area for more hit than miss G Spot massage.






Groovy Chick Vibrator £39 Groovy Chick Vibrator £39

Revolutionary G Spot Toy

Groovy  Chick Vibratorworks on a pivotal action and taps against, rather than massages, your g spot. The unique action of this toy can make self g-spot stimulation easier to manage than is the case with other more conventional g-spot shapes and this toy certainly has many fans.






We Vibe £85 We Vibe £85

G-Spot Pleasure for Couples

Another revolutionary toy is the We-Vibe. It's designed to be 'worn' during penetrative sex with your partner.  A u-shape toy, the larger end sits on top of your clitoris, whilst the other end nestles against you g-spot inside,  leaving enough room for your partner.

Most of the toys we recommend are made out of silicone and certainly it's a fabulous material for sex toys - vevety, hypoallergenic, super easy to clean...





Glass G-Spot Dildo £37 Glass G-Spot Dildo £37

G-Spot Sensations Like No Other..

A glass dildo delivers super firm pressure and sleek, slippery sensation that is completely different to any other sex toy  - really, it's no other feeling! It's also temperature responsive so you can warm it up or cool it down to mind-blowing effect. Glass G-Spot Dildo has one curved end for targeted G Spot play, turn it around and the balled 'handle' end offers alternative penetrative sensations, whether you enjoy it vaginally or anally.

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