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G-spot toys are penetrative toys with curved tips. They’re designed with long-ish shafts and up-turned heads to better stimulate the front wall of the vagina, just behind the pubic bone, where the area commonly known as the G-spot is located.

The G-spot is located approximately a half a fingers-length inside. Because of this positioning, it can be both difficult and tiring to stimulate the area with just your fingers. Using a G-spot toy makes it so much easier to reach, and puts less pressure on your wrists.

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The G-spot is a cluster of erectile tissue, very similar to the male-bodied prostate, and is believed to form part of the internal clitoris.

We generally recommend starting off with a G-Spot vibrator or perhaps a G-spot dildo if you’re not keen on vibrations. This area can take quite a while to respond to stimulation and when it eventually does, it’ll most likely respond to deep pressure and vigorous motion rather than a delicate touch and light vibration.

It’s important to understand that no vibrator or dildo, however fancy and powerful, can guarantee a G-spot orgasm. Learning how to G-Spot orgasm depends entirely on learning how to identify and relax into your body’s erotic sensations.

Read on for our best G-spot toy recommendations.

G-Spot Sensations on a Budget


The Sh! Bliss G-spot Vibe is about 2 fingers in girth and one of our most popular vibrators.

Small in size but big in pleasure, Bliss offers 7 settings and multiple ways of exploring pleasure. The curved head has a bit of bend in it, making play comfortable.

We recommend finding a comfortable position for G-spot exploration, like laying on your back with your knees pulled up. This offers great access and should make it easy to reach with the help of a toy like Sh! Bliss.

Curves for G-Spot Pleasure

The Sleek G-spot vibrator is rechargeable and 100% waterproof. The shaft is firm but Sleek’s curves follow your own beautifully.

With 10 settings to choose from, Sleek is ready to tickle your pickle anytime you fancy it.

If you’re unsure of where your G-spot is located or you’re not sure the sensations you feel are “right,” an enhancing gel like Tickle Her G-spot helps a shy G-spot gain the confidence to come out and play. Massaging a little bit of gel into the area where you believe your G-spot to help blood flow to the area, making the G-spot firmer and easier to find.

Blended Orgasm


A blended orgasm is an orgasm that feels like an internal orgasm erupting simultaneously as an external orgasm – a double whammy!

The most famous blended orgasm-toy is a rabbit vibrator. Because it combines different sensations, it can be difficult to know for sure the internal sensations are specifically G-Spot but in the throes of an orgasm – who cares?

The Embrace Rabbit has a rollerball in the textured G-spot pad, pressing firmly into the G-spot area as the flexible rabbit ears are tickling the clitoris.

Add a generous amount of lube to any toy that’ll be used internally. This will ensure the insertion is smooth, and play is slip-slidey and super-sexy.

Luxe G-Spot Pulsation


As luxury as they come, Zalo Queen G-spot vibe is like Christmas for your pleasure points every single day!

With 8 functions each independently controlling its vibration and pulse wave modes, the Queen does its duty in a number of ways. A preheat function allows you to introduce heat play with its temperature reaching the maximum body-safe level of 107 degrees/42 celsius. Lather it in lube to get the feeling of a lapping tongue persistently working your G-spot.

Hands-Free G-Spot Massage

Fun Factory Stronic G Pulsator is a next-level sex toy and comes complete with a G-spot targeting curve and hands-free deep, rhythmic massage.

The magic lies in two heavy magnets moving around inside the shaft, creating a heavy throbbing sensation resembling penetration.

Stronic G is rechargeable, fully waterproof, and comes with a 2-year guarantee.

*Please note – this G-spot toy is not suitable for folx with a pacemaker.

Rock & Roll G-Spot Play

Rocks-Off Groovy Chick is one of the coolest G-spot toys we know.

Groovy Chick works on a pivotal action and taps against your G-spot, which is a different sensation from massaging it. The unique action of this toy can make self G-spot play easier to manage as you only really need to lube up the internal part with its flat G-spot pad, slip it in, and rock it back and forth against your G-spot area whilst the ridges stimulates your vulva and clitoris.

G-Spot Vibe for Couples


Another revolutionary toy is the We-Vibe Unite.

Designed to be ‘worn’ during penetrative sex with a partner, the smaller arm slips in a and sits snugly against the G-spot whilst the larger arm sits over the clitoris. A penis or dildo can slip inside the vagina and fits nicely alongside the slimmer arm and you’ll both feel the vibrations.

G-Spot Sensation Like No Other

Glass Dildo with beaded shaft (£37)

Glass dildos deliver firm pressure and sleek, slippery sensation that is completely different from any other sex toy – really, it’s like no other feeling!

Glass is temperature responsive so you can warm up dildos of this material up, or cool them down on particularly hot days…

The Sh! Glass G-spot Dildo has one curved end for targeted G-spot play, but can also be turned around for alternative penetrative sensations.

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