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How to Use an Anal Vibrator

Shiver me timbers! An anal vibrator will deliver waves of trembly delight to an area that is jam-packed with super-sensitive nerve endings. As sensations feel so magnified in this incredibly responsive area, the buzz of the vibrator thrills the whole pelvic area.

Using a vibrator anally can help relax tense anal muscles and prepare the body for bigger things to come, so they can be a good way to fire up arousal for anal sex with a partner.

They are also a fun way to explore new sensations, all on their own.

Relaxed anal muscles make the anus  open up, sometimes to a surprising, even eye-boggling, extent!

This is why, when choosing a vibrator for anal play, it’s important that it is shaped so that it is impossible for it to buzz its way out of your hand and get sucked inside.

When vibration, lubricant and a relaxed bum are involved, this can happen all too easily and a toy lost inside is dangerous, as it can work itself up the body.

Sometimes we feel like a stuck-record on the subject of anal sex toy safety, especially when lots of other companies ignore it completely, recommending anal toys and vibrators with no guards or insufficient bases/handles.

We guess they haven’t taken a tearful, panicky phone call from someone with an anal toy lost up his bum (not one of ours, we hasten to add!) needing urgent advice.

Apart from having the essential anal-safe shape, any toy destined for your bum must be smooth and seamless in order not to nick delicate rectal skin. And it should be easy to clean.

Rest assured, we don’t carry any toys with rough seams, sharp ends, unsturdy elements that might break in use,  nor anything we think is difficult or impossible to keep clean, so this advise is just in case you’re buying elsewhere…

How to use an anal vibrator

All anal pleasure is best enjoyed as a slow journey of arousal. There are few peeps, outside of porn films, that can enjoy anal ‘quickies’ This goes for playing with an anal vibrator, so take your time and savour each sensual thrill…

There are essentially 4 different types of anal vibrators – each  delivering a different type of sensation, along with vibration;


Sh! Vibrating Silicone Beads
Sh! Vibrating Silicone Beads


Vibrating anal beads allow the anal spincture muscles to open and close around each bead.

Use this type of anal vibrator slowly, whether inserting or moving it back and forth,  to give a deliciously repetitive sensation…



Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug (£26)
Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug (£26)


A Vibrating Butt Plug is designed to be ‘worn’ ( rather than moved in-and-out) to give a feeling of fullness, along with gentle waves of vibration.






Beaded Vibrating Anal Plug
Beaded Vibrating Anal Plug £24


Beaded Vibrating Anal Plug is a combination of the two – beaded butt plug with graduated beads that starts off so tiny and finish in a sphincture-stop base.

Anal Vibrators with an external controller makes them easy to use by yourself, and also great fun as a couples toy: simply hand over the controller to your partner and let them be in charge!




Rude Boy Prostate Vibrating Anal Massager (£49)
Rude Boy Prostate Vibrating Anal Massager (£49)


Vibrating Prostate Massagers are specially shaped to stimulate the male G-Spot and deliver erotic prostate massage.

They are often U-Shaped, which are specifically designed for hand-free play,  and will pleasure the perineum too ( the responsive strip of skin that runs between front bits and your bum)




Fun Factory Stronic Drei Thrusting Anal Vibrator (£129)
Fun Factory Stronic Drei Thrusting Anal Vibrator (£129)


Or more straight-up with a curve,  much like a G-Spot Vibrator.

These style is much better shape if you would like the feeling of a vibrating plaything sliding in-and-out, rather than just staying put…






A silicone dildo with a removeable bullet in its base gives you the best of both worlds...
A silicone dildo with a removeable bullet in its base gives you the best of both worlds…


If you’re looking for a vibrating toy for wilder or more thrusting anal play,  then an anal dildo, is best .

With over 40 different shapes and sizes a vibrating silicone dildo  gives you the most comprehensive and bespoke choice.




Using a regular vibrator as an anal vibrator

We would generally advise against using a regular vibrator anally, just in case it might not be safe to use there.

There are certain types of vibrators, such as Bullet or Egg Vibrators that should never to anywhere near your bum!

It is okay to use a regular vibrator just as long as the design means it’s safe for anal play too – if you would like any advice on this email us! ( please dont just buy and hope for the best!)

  • rabbit-style vibrator with an external clitoral stimulator, which will act as a guard. You can also hook your finger around the clitoral stimulator for an extra-secure grip. A benefit too is the external /clitoral stimulator can be used to tickle the perineum – this strip of sensitive skin is an often over-looked erroneous zone but it’s actually  rich in nerve endings.
  • Many G-Spot vibrators can used for anal play too and they can be a great shape for prostate massage. Make sure you choose one with a properly flared base ( often designed for added clitoral stimulation) and long enough handle on which to keep a tight grip.

A final word. Dont use a vibrator that has been used anally, for subsequent vaginal play unless it has been covered in a condom ( the best/safest option) or properly santitized between times.

As it is non-porous, Silicone is really the only vibrator material that can be sterilized.


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