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The Male G-Spot & Erotic Prostate Massage

Men have their own erotic pleasure spot, called the Prostate - a gland that is comparable to the female G-Spot

...which is why it is sometimes referred to as the male G-spot.

Erotic prostate massage is highly pleasurable for lots men. Their orgasms are often more explosive when prostate stimulation is combined with sex. Some lucky chaps can orgasm through erotic prostate massage alone!

How to find and stimulate your man's erotic hot spot - The Prostate Gland.

The Prostate Gland / Male G-Spot The Prostate Gland / Male G-Spot


Massage the male G-spot /prostate by inserting a finger covered in anal lube or special prostate massager two to three inches into his anus and stroking towards the front of his body using a 'come here' gesturing motion, exactly like a G-Spot stroke.

Exactly like the female G-Spot, the prostate swells and hardens as it becomes aroused, making it easier to feel.

The more turned-on your man, the more his prostate will be receptive firmer stimulation.

If you are going to add erotic prostate / male G-Spot massage to your repertoire, you'll need to understand how sensitive & slowly the journey to prostate pleasure should be.

anal sphincter muscles anal sphincter muscles

Inside the anus are two sets of sphincter muscles; the first can be tensed at will, but the second set constrict involuntarily.

So even he wants erotic prostate / male G-Spot massage and is trying to relax, his anus might initially appear to resist.

Patience, a slow pace and communication are essential to relaxing both sets of anal muscles and enjoying prostate / male G-Spot stimulation.

Rectal tissue is very delicate and does not self-lubricate, so always be gentle when performing erotic prostate massage.

Lots of lube is essential in every kind of anal play, including, of course prostate play!

Make sure you don't skimp - coat his anus, fingers and toys liberally and keep reapplying.


Many prostate massagers are ergonomically shaped for hands-free pleasure Many prostate massagers are ergonomically shaped for male G-Spot  pleasure

Special Prostate Massagers like the Rude Boy and the Naughty Boy are specially shaped to take in the curves of the anus and find his erotic hot spot.

Probing with a prostate massager is a great way to give you man a great erotic prostate massage without using your fingers.



Using latex gloves for erotic prostate massage is also a great way to deal with any squeamishness or nerves. They are also brilliant if you have long nails and need to protect his delicate tush from your talons.

Go Forth! Give him the erotic prostate massage of his life!

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