How NOT to lose an anal toy & what to do if one does ‘get lost’

The reason all anal sex toys have either a large base, or a ring at the bottom, is so you can keep a firm grip on them and prevent them slipping inside and getting lost.

Unlike the vagina, sex toys can get lost up the bum and can cause damage.

Although plenty of lube is essential in all anal play, when using anal toys do be careful to apply it to the anal area and the insertable portion of the toy only.

Wipe any excess lube off your fingers and from base of the anal toy before you start to play.

Traditional Butt Plug
Sh! Silicone Butt Plugs are Safe

The anus, when really enjoying itself, can open up to an amazing (eye-boggling!) degree and it is possible for an anal toy to scootle away and get lost if your hands and the sex toy are too slippery to give you a secure grip.

What to do if you loose an anal toy inside

If a sex toy does get lost up there – don’t panic!!

You have gravity and a natural inclination to bear down on your side.

Breath deeply and evenly, sit on the loo and gently push down. If you keep your head and try not seize up in panic, the toy will probably do the natural thing and evacuate!

If, after you’ve calmed down and given it time to get out, your toy remains lost unfortunately a visit to Accident & Emergency Dept is the next step.  Embarrassing certainly but ten times better than causing real damage.

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