We Vibe Advice & Difference Between We-Vibe Models

So many of our customers love the We Vibe  – well, what’s  not to love?!

We-Vibe created the world’s first couples vibrator and it took the world by storm, winning multiple design and innovation awards from the start.

Conceived and designed by a Canadian husband and wife team in 2004, We-vibe has gone on to sell over 2 million in over 50 countries.

It was created to be worn by a woman whilst making love and designed to deliver the extra stimulation, specifically clitoral stimulation, that most women need to orgasm.

The We-Vibe is a Hands-Free Vibrator Worn During Sex

The We-Vibe is a flexible, c-shaped toy, which stays in place holding the larger arm against your clitoris, whilst internally the smaller arm nestles against you g-spot. Once in place, there’s room for your partner to slip inside too and they too will feel the extra thrills the We-Vibe delivers.

How to use the We-Vibe
How to use the We-Vibe

The two motors give simultaneous stimulation to both the G-Spot and the clit, and against your partner too. That’s right: this toy has been designed to offer an extra-special hands-free thrills during penetration.

Add splash of water-based lube to the We Vibe  and it will slip inside comfortably. (Just to be clear, the smaller end of the We Vibe snuggles inside, whilst the thicker part sits against the clit).

The Difference Between We-Vibe Models

We-Vibe produce 2 different models and at first glance it can be tricky to spot the differences.

  • We-Vibe Classic

We-Vibe classic is the same size and shape as the original. The technology and settings are updated but essentially the design is the same and it has won massive amounts of glowing praise and five star reviews from media and public alike.

With so many millions sold,  We-Vibe Classic is clearly a great toy for playing together. Playing apart, whether with the remote control or We-App, we think it’s probably best for private, at-home sessions.

We-Vibe Classic 2 is the original We-Vibe shape
We-Vibe Classic 2 is the original We-Vibe shape


  • We-Vibe 4

We-Vibe 4 is more compact and body-hugging in size and shape. It essentially has the same c-shape design, but it’s approx 25% smaller than the original. There maybe many different reasons why you’d choose a smaller fit but the size of you, or the size of your partner, isn’t likely to be one of them. There’s no evidence to suggest that smaller or shorter women have smaller, shorter or indeed ‘tighter’ vagjays!

But if you’re in any way uneasy or uncomfortable about penetration,  or adding toys during sex, smaller toys are best psychologically.

And if you plan to play remotely, out and about in public, the more compact size of We-Vibe 4 maybe worth the extra investment.

We-vibe 4
We-Vibe 4 is smaller than We-Vibe classic, created for those who wanted a body-hugging fit

Remote & Long-distance Play with the We-Vibe

Whilst the We-Vibe was originally designed to deliver extra pleasure when couples are locked together in the throws of passion, the introduction of a remote control fob, and most recently the We-App, means that couples can get connected, even when they are apart.

Both We-Vibes can be enjoyed as a remote-control vibe, where you wear it and your partner controls your pleasure from a few meters away.

For long-distance lovers, the We-Vibe app allows you to connect through smart phone video and chat.



We-Vibe Comparison

  We-Vibe 4 Plus We-Vibe Classic
Wireless remote control unit Yes Yes
Storage/Travel case Yes Yes
We-Connect Yes Yes
Smartphone remote control Yes Yes
Create custom vibration playlists Yes Yes
Share control from anywhere Yes Yes
Independent motor control Yes Yes
Intensity control Yes Yes
Modes 10+ 10+
Medical grade silicone Silky smooth Silky smooth
Form & Size Compact,

Length 2.9 inch

Width 1.2 inch

Between arms 1.6 inch

Original classic
fit, flexible

Length: 3.3 inch

Width: 1.1 inch

Between arms 2.2 inch


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