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We-Vibe Classic Rechargeable Clitoral & G-Spot Couples Toy

We-Vibe Classic Remote Control + We-Connect App ( Smart Phone Not Included!)


We-Vibe Classic Rechargeable Clitoral & G-Spot Couples Toy

Best-Selling Intercourse Vibrator, Updated to We-Connect App

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Key Features:

  • World's No1 Couples Vibrator, now updated to We-Connect App for remote-control anywhere in the world!
  • Hands-free, flexible & ergonomic shape comfortably cups your body to massage your G-Spot and thrills your clitoris all at the same time
  • Ultimate intimacy, together or apart. During sex, your partner shares the sensations inside or play long-distance remotely
  • Strong & Quiet - 5 integral settings + further 5 patterns, downloadable from App
  • USB rechargeable. Body-safe silicone. FREE App offers secure in-app chat & video

  • Product Description

    The original million-selling We-Vibe form, now updated to remote-control, using smartphone We-Connect App, We-Vibe Classic is here to rock your world.

    Confused with between We-Vibe Classic & We-Vibe 4? > Read our We-Vibe Advice Guide where we explain the difference & compare models

    Supple and silky, the smaller G-spot stimulator glides inside to massage your G-Spot, while the larger pad nestles externally, delivering thrills to your clitoris. In between, the ultra thin flex arm gently hugs your contours to hold We-Vibe comfortably in place for sensational hands-free pleasure.

    Designed as the ultimate vibrator for couples, We-Vibe is all about shared intimacy, whether you are entwined together, across a table from each other or in separate beds in different continents!

    Together, We-Vibe is soft and flexible enough to be comfortably incorporated into lovemaking, leaving plenty of room for your partner to slide inside and share the pleasure.

    Apart, We-Vibe allows long-distance and adventurous couples to play remotely, and with the We-Connect App there are literally no barriers to how far the trills will carry.

    An incredible journey of excitement is pretty limitless too!  We-Vibe Classic offers dual motors and 5 different integral settings, each with customized intensity and a further 5 more downloadable with We-Connect App. This FREE App also allows you to create custom vibes and features secure in-app voice, chat and video.

    The Original We-Vibe was a revolutionary toy for couples, We-Vibe Classic is future-proof one!

    "The We-Vibe is more powerful than battery-powered toys; once she is deeply aroused, the top speed may make her come so fast she tips in to a heady stream of multiple orgasms. It's waterproof, and perfect for use in a hot tub. In short, it's a fantastic toy"(GQ Magazine)

  • technical info

    Phthalate Alert: None
    Actual Length: 190mm / 7.5 inch
    Insertable length: 84 mm / 3.3 inch 
    Diameter (at widest): 29mm / 1.1 inch
    Power: Rechargeable
    Supplied with Toy: Yes 
    Intensity on full power: Strong
    Volume on full power: Slight hum
    Weight: Light (68g)
    Ease of Use: Middling
    Speeds: 5 Integrag + 5 App - Each with fully customizable intensity
    Offers: Steady, Escalating & Pulse
    Waterproof: Yes  
    Lube: Water-based only

    Care & Cleaning of We Vibe Classic: Sh! Toy Cleaner or Warm, soapy water.Rinse & dry thoroughly. Store cool, clean & dark environment.

    We-Connect App Tested Compatible with:

    Apple Devices (iOS7 or newer):
    • iPhone (4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus)
    • iPad (3rd Generation)
    • iPad Mini
    • iPod Touch (5th generation)
    Android Devices (Android 4.3 or newer):
    • HTC Droid
    • HTC One (M7, M8)
    • LG Nexus
    • OnePlus One
    • Samsung Galaxy (S3, S4, S5, S6)
    • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Product Reviews
    1. The toy sits perfectly in my wife by JH


      While there is a successor to this toy now (We-Vibe 3). For the price this toy still holds it's own in our opinion at nearly half the price.

      We love that the We-Vibe is a couples toy and not just for solo play or one using it on the other. The toy sits perfectly in my wife, touching both clitoris and G-Spot at the same and is very comfortable during penetration, providing an amazing, unique sensation. A particularly handy feature is the stop button, saving having to scroll through all the modes, just to turn it off. Overall and essential for any couple, especially now it's reduced in price from it's initial launch price! (Posted on 21/06/2012)

    2. I LOVE this toy. by Kate


      I, personally, find it best for self love rather than couples love because the connector in the middle allows for the inserted portion to move off to one side with anything else in there with it.

      Also, if your partner doesn't "sit" on it just right it'll move off the clit, too. It moves off to one side when the g spot starts bulging, as well. But that's not a problem for me because

      I'm already manipulating that end during self love instead of allowing it to just sit in there anyway. Just letting others know. It's still my FAVORITE toy. So much so I bought 2 for when the battery on one is dead and in need of a charge. (Posted on 29/02/2012)

    3. Definately worth it. by Helen


      My first ever vibe! My partners and I spent ages deliberating and in theory this ticked all the boxes so we were prepared to pay. It was definately worth it.

      It's small, light, discreet, quiet, waterproof, rechargeable, comes in cute colours. I use it alone, with my boyfriend during intercourse and with my girlfriend too (who borrows it sometimes).

      The battery life has proved to be great, I lost count of how many times I used it before charging it up again. I've used a fair few vibes since I first got this one but this remains my firm favourite.

      When this arrived it was supplied with a European adapter plug so I could plug it straight in which was very much appreciated.

      The only con I have found is trying to press and hold to turn it off when it's slippery from use and I'm a little weak from pleasure... (Posted on 30/01/2012)

    4. by

      "Feeling a little more adventurous? Best selling couples toys include ...the We-Vibe. Remember, a toy doesn't replace your lover, it just gives you more options" (Posted on 21/06/2011)

    5. by Glamour


      "...a surefire way to have an orgasm with your man." (Posted on 21/06/2011)

    6. by Men\'s

      The Sex Professor recommends We-Vibe to men looking to incorporate toys into sex “The We-Vibe is one of my favourite vibrators on the planet! (Posted on 21/06/2011)

    7. Its on my favourite toy list! by Hottie


      This vibrator takes a bit of practice and getting used to at first, using a bit of lube helps, but its well worth the effort because it is a very memorable and sensual experience. Thoroughly recommend the "we vibe II" and excellent and informative service/delivery for the item too. (Posted on 07/02/2011)

    8. by GQ


      The We-Vibe II is a fantastic silicon toy that roughly resembles a thumb and forefinger. It can be used in myriad ways, but the best is during intercourse - and it fits whatever your length or girth.

      Slide the thinner, 'finger' end inside her and you will find it naturally curls up around her G-spot; the fatter 'thumb' end nestles neatly over her clitoris. This being the second iteration of the We-Vibe, it now has nine different vibrating speeds and functions. (Posted on 18/09/2010)

    9. by look

      "This year's big trend is toys for couples. The best is the We-Vibe, which vibrates against your clitoris and G-spot while your man thrusts away. It has the added bonus of making your man feel bigger and you feel tighter..." (Posted on 18/09/2010)

    10. by company

      The Rabbit may have enjoyed pride of place in our bedroom drawers ever since we first saw it in Sex And The City, but the latest innovations are toys that you use with you man while your having sex.

      By far the best is the We-Vibe, a small purple C-shaped toy that stimulates your clitoris and G-spot at the same time. It's small enough to fit inside you alongside your man and will give you amazing clitoral vibrations as well as enhancing penetration. The result? Better orgasms for you and him. (Posted on 18/09/2010)

    11. by Cosmo

      "No, it's not some scary set of headphones, it's actually an award-winning sex toy. Use it solo as its special, bendy shape will hit your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. Or you can wear it with your man and share the sensations using the naughty and numerous vibrating functions, taking you to orgasm heaven..." (Posted on 18/09/2010)

    12. by Cosmo

      "This toy is so groundbreaking it even made it onto The Alan Titchmarsh Show! U-shaped, but much smaller than the Rock Chick, it slides inside you in the same way, with one end vibrating against your G-spot while the other snuggles up against your clitoris. But what's really innovative is that your man can penetrate you while you're wearing it, so you both benefit from the buzz!" (Posted on 18/09/2010)

    13. by mirror

      "Totally comfortable to insert and stays in place really well. The powerful dual stimulation during intercourse was fantastic. It enabled me to have multiple orgasms very quickly and easily, and while my husband found it unobtrusive, the extra stimulation he got from it when inside me added to his pleasure enormously" (Posted on 18/09/2010)

    14. I love this little piece of heaven. by LoopyLoo


      I know it's supposed to be used for couples but let me tell you it's just as much fun on your own, especially when used with one of your other toys. Definitely worth it and I can't wait until my boyfriend gets back from travelling - the look on his face will be priceless. Do yourself a favour and get one. (Posted on 27/03/2010)

    15. I love it! In fact I now have two (in case one dies) by Pi


      Very easy to use during sex as its almost completely hands free. The controls can get very slippery, so we do some warming up first so I can leave it on high. I also love the fact that its rechargeable. No hunting around for batteries. (Posted on 27/11/2009)

    16. For women who rely on vibes during penetration this would be very good provided they don’t require very intense vibration. by Sh!


      The we-vibe has two functions. One is as a double-headed clit/g-spot vibrator, the other is as a wireless, hands-free sex aid during penetrative sex. We tested the we-vibe with a dildo, fingers, anally, anally & vaginally and during fisting and it fulfilled the hands-free function very well. The we-vibe holds itself in place while in/out penetration is happening and the g-spot head and the join is small and smooth enough to stay out of the way. For anal the ‘bend’ will prevent the vibe getting lost and the second head is easily kept out of the way or able to be used vaginally at the same time (during the anal/vaginal thing you don’t get any g-stimulation unfortunately). Plus the vibe is mild enough to not be an irritant during anal.

      The vibrator comes with two speeds, low and high. The low was good on nipples, breasts (can be used as a clamp) and anal. However we found it too mild for clit/g. The high is very nice, especially for the g stimulation. For clitoral however I felt I needed the vibe to be stronger for an orgasm. C felt that the vibe was strong enough, however would have preferred it to buzz at a faster rate. When we compared it to the rock chick, the we-vibe does seem to vibrate slower.

      Can also be worn while walking around. I didn’t get a lot of stimulation unless I was sitting with my legs closed or walking. It happily stayed in place while I was wearing it and didn’t get annoying at all. The buzz was louder while worn internally than when out.

      Purple and C-shaped with textured pads on the inner faces of the head, The We-Vibe is small enough to sit in my palm and when on, is very quiet! It comes in its own very beautiful case which looks like an expensive sunglasses case. It’s a very contempory look and bears absolutely no resemblance to old style toys at all. In fact it looks more like some sort of headphone device than a sex toy, which is compounded by the lack of obvious controls. I know the first time I saw it I thought it was really really cute.

      Like the rock chick it’s not obvious how it functions (I had to ask for advice) however in practice takes very little effort to get it right. The low/high switch takes some getting used to. I didn’t read the instructions properly initially and couldn’t figure out how to get from low to high. Once I’d figured it out, I then tried again on my own while it was lubed up and found it quite difficult as my fingers slipped over the controls. With the two of us it was much easier, plus I’m getting better with the controls the more we use the vibe.

      The We-Vibe is made of 100% Silicone, so body should last. The motor is expected to last up to five years. I’ve had my vibe since May and so far it’s managed to survive being at the bottom of my handbag, thrown in my underwear drawer, packed into a suitcase and being left in a bathroom cabinet with no obvious signs of abuse. Apparently the vibe comes with a ‘memory’ between the two motors so the longer you use the more it shapes to your body. I haven’t noticed an obvious difference in the fit, but it could be a subtle change or else I just haven’t used it enough… The vibe comes with a warning of possible engine damage if the battery is allowed to go flat, and also by excessive bending and twisting of the join. Obviously I haven’t tested either of these things.

      Battery-Life is 2 hours on low apparently. Mine has never gone flat, however I tend to leave it on charge most of the time. I have left it several days without charge but have then only run it for about half hour at a time.

      In terms of intensity; low was perfect for nipples and breasts but was too low for adequate clit/g stim (for me). High was very good for overall stimulation. I definitely got very close to orgasm, however I felt it needed to more intense to actually get there. C felt that high was strong enough yet needed the buzz to be faster. Neither of us are big on vibe stimulation generally in order to come. For women who rely on vibes during penetration this would be very good provided they don’t require very intense vibration.

      The We Vibe is very VERY quiet. Even placed on a table it makes very little sound. Louder when worn internally in a quiet room.

      Orgasm-surity? I struggled with orgasm, but it easily got me to the point where I wanted to come. Plus it was very convenient having it hands free during penetration, so high levels of stimulation can be produced in other ways.

      At over £80 I did pause… but actually I think I would buy this, provided I knew what it was. As a hands-free vibe for use during penetration it is value for money. However it looks very similar to the rock chick which could cause confusion. I know we quite like using the we-vibe together whereas we’ve never used the rock chick as a couple. Also I think the we-vibe is much more effective as a couple toy than a solo sex toy, whereas the rock chick just gets in the way for couple sex and is more appropriate for masturbation only (in my opinion).

      Whats good about the We-Vibe? Its completely Hands free!. Will & does hold itself in place. The only time fingers were needed is when I wanted more movement on my clit. Can be used for g-spot, anal and also with breasts! I’ve got quite sensitive breasts, yet have never had much luck with vibrating nipple clamps. We ‘clamped’ it onto one breast as an experiment and I liked it so much we started playing with it. Tiny, so can be carried around in handbag and stays out of way during sex. No batteries. Completely waterproof. Looks very cute.

      Whats bad about the We-Vibe? Takes 24 hours to charge first time. Needs more functions/speeds for clitoral stimulation. Backbone between heads is a bit more flexible than we would like – would like a firmer ‘clamp’ during clitoral stimulation. Controls can be fiddly once vibe is lubed up. (Posted on 06/03/2009)

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  • Sex Tip For We-Vibe Classic Rechargeable Clitoral & G-Spot Couples Toy
    Try We-Vibe vibrator doggy-style; it'll boost your G-spot thrills and push his most sensitive buttons simultaneously!
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