Q&A: Rabbit or Finger Vibe?

Dear Sh!

Could you please advise a 62-year old widow (with neither the desire nor the prospect of “finding another man”) on the best vibrator to buy?

I’m completely new to this market and I’ve looked through your website, and am confused by the range available.

I’m tempted by a Rabbit-style Vibrator or a simple Finger vibe but would welcome your comments


Hi there,

Yes – we completely understand. There are so many different vibrators (and so little time…).

The first thing to think about is really whether you want a vibrator *specifically* for internal use (including G-spot) or for external (clitoral) stimulation – or for both?

A finger vibe offers precise clitoral stimulation

…but it is limited to providing purely clitoral stimulation.

A finger vibrator probably most comes into it’s own during partner sex, when it discreetly slips onto a finger to add extra clitoral stimulation during sex.

During solo sex, if your technique is to use only your finger on your clitoris, then a finger vibrator will add a buzz to this – and the clitoris usually loves a spot of vibration!

Sh! jessica side
Sh! Jessica Rabbit £40

A Rabbit vibrator offers internal stimulation as well as clitoral.

The  beaded shaft rotates around  ‘just inside’ which is an area rich in sensations. If you grip the shaft/beads using your PC muscles, the  sensations can be intense. Some women find their G-Spots with a rabbit vibe. The bunny ears then provide a lovely, tickly clit stimulator – so there you have it – all-in-one!

Many women tell us what they love about their rabbit is the clitoral bunny stimulator on the side of their rabbit vibrator. In fact, lots of women tell us they don’t always bother with the beaded shaft of their rabbit vibrator at all during solo sessions.

Most women are all about clitoral stimulation during masturbation.

The bunny ears are a fabulous design for this as they stimulate the sides of the clitoris rather than directly on it. For the majority of women, too intense/direct clitoral stimulation can actually be a turn-off.

However some women do need more intense, direct clitoral stimulation. If you desire/require a a bit more “umph” then we’d recommend a bullet/egg style vibrator, over a finger vibe. A great clitoral vibrator of this kind is the Secret – offers 20 speeds and sensations (low-high, throbbing, pulsating etc) – the top ones are super-intense!

The “vibe” itself is an egg shape attached by a wire to the battery pack, which allows you to change the setting with a push of your finger rather than feeling around for buttons between your legs! A very good external vibe indeed.

We hope this has been of help, do feel free to phone us on 0333 444 005, if you’d like any more help.

Best wishes

Team Sh!

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