Q&A: Learning How to Strip

Dear Sh!

After having my children (now 7 and 4), I’ve lost confidence in the bedroom.  Our anniversary is coming up soon, and I’d like to treat my partner to something sexy, like stripping, but I don’t know how to so it…or even if I can pluck up the courage to do it! Please help!


Hi There,

Before you book yourself in for pole-dancing classes or sign up for a Learn the Art of Striptease class – why not try to enjoy visual sex just for you.  This will give you the confidence to strip for your partner, will give you practice  and it will be one hell of a turn on! Watching yourself perform may feel weird at first – if you are too shy to look into your face just follow your hands and image yourself in the third person.

Learn how to strip for yourself and enjoy the visuals!

In order to see what your husband will see, you’ll need a mirror.

Now choose whatever kind of lighting you find sexy; harem candles? Brothel-like red glow ? Interrogators spotlight? Lighting the room is key to creating atmosphere

Fishnet StockingsChoose your outfit: Striptease, by definition requires things to take off! Stockings, bra and sexy panties are classics but there’s no reason why you have to go the traditional route – you could wear your husband’s suit and still make it sexy..

A prop or two  are also useful, as in between peeling items off, it’s good to have something to do with your hands.  And if you get shy, you can hide behind it! A feather fan and boa are  burlesque-style striptease accessories, but a hat and newspaper would work better with the hubby-suit outfit, choose what seems appropriate to your theme and makes you feel sexy.

Wearing heels lengthens your legs and makes you naturally strut. If you can’t dance in heels (and many of us can’t!) go up on your tip toes to give the same impression.

Carefully trimming or shaving your pubic hair may enhance the visuals even more, as well as heighten your arousal and anticipation.


Choose your music to strip to,  the right music is essential for mood and for you to move suggestively to its beat…

A chair is useful;  bend over/sit astride it or hook your leg up on…

This is going to get HOT, so having some playthings to hand will turn your striptease into a live sex show  – some silky lube to drizzle on and make you glisten… Perhaps a sensual vibrator or fulfilling dildo to pleasure yourself with…

Watch your striptease/sex show in your mirror.  On your practice run,  you are both exhibitionist and voyeur so take yourself deep into the fantasy and watch yourself perform your ass off!

Good luck

Team Sh!

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