Phthalates in Sex Toys

Phthalates (pronounced “thall-eights”) are a family of chemicals that are used to soften plastic in things like shower curtains. They are also used as  solvents and can be found many uses in our daily lives,

Jelly (PVC) sex toys contain phthalates – it’s the chemical that makes then soft and squishy (and often smell very chemically).

The US heath regulating body (FDA) says that phthalates are a ‘probable human carcinogen’ ie they could cause cancer.

There have been studies that suggested that phthalates could cause fertility problems in rats.

Other studies seem to contradict the above.

We don’t stock toys made with phthalates

You can be sure any toy you buy from Sh! is safe, but we want you to be safe with any other toys you might buy.

If you’ve ever unwrapped a sex toy and been overwhelmed by strong chemically smell – this is the toy off-gassing large amounts of phthalates.

There are different grades of phthalates and different amounts  can be used, from a very little amount…to lots.  

This is why  food storage containers don’t smell, whilst cheap trainers can stink before you’ve even put your feet into them! 

The basic rule to follow is;  the stronger the smell, the more phthalates have been used.

The problem is no studies have been done on sex toys, and of course you tend to have a more intimate relationship with a sex toy than a shower curtain!

Until there’s more research carried out on whether jelly sex toys pose a risk, it’s impossible to give conclusive answers, but we think it’s  always wise to have a cautious relationship with chemicals.

This is why, if you do own any PVC Jelly sex toys,  we recommend covering it with a condom, just to be extra safe.