Masturbation Myths

As part of National Masturbation Month, we’re taking a look at a few of the myths about masturbation and sex toys that are still doing the rounds.

Not the old masturbation-makes-you-blind nonsense, we can leave that behind the bike sheds, but more prevelant myths we pick up from TV and magazines.

1.MASTURBATION MYTH! Vibrators make your clit less sensitive.

Sh! Jessica Rabbit £40
Sh! Jessica Rabbit £40

The clitoris is an immensely sensitive organ, with something like 8000 nerve endings, and while you may get comfy with one particular style of clit stimulation and find that one easier to climax with, that doesn’t make you immune to others.

Variety is key in everything, so changing up your masturbation style rather than sticking to the same routine is always best.

Women who are used to vibrators may find them easier to get on (or rather off!) with, but it doesn’t reduce their sensitivity. We reckon it’s possibly a worry men have because they feel ‘responsible’ for their partner’s orgasms. Don’t panic, gents – vibrators don’t make women less sensitive to other sensations – but if your fingers are easily tired and she likes constant intense stimulation, we suggest introducing a vibe into sex. Finger Vibrators and Tongue Vibrators can be combined with stimulation by a partner – best of both worlds! Bullet and Egg vibrators are particularly couple-friendly, and can be used for clit stimulation combined with penetrative sex. (We also recommend giving his sensitive bits a buzz if he’s willing – he’ll soon see what all the fuss is about!)

2. Masturbation Myth! Men don’t use toys

Tenga Soft Tube Cup £14
Tenga Soft Tube Cup £14

Not all men certainly, but there are more and more guys willing to give them a try…

If you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss is about, then we reckon it’s worth trying one out. We have a favourite quotation from a guy when introduced to a vibrator for the first time: Oh – how do women ever leave the house?”

There are a few ways to try out men’s sex toys, depending on what you’re comfortable with. There are cock rings, which are a very sexy way to start – they boost your sensitivity, prolong erection, and some of them have a vibrator included, which is a great extra for intercourse as it doubles as a clit stimulator.

There are also the Tenga Eggs.  Then again, how about trying anal toys? Research by Shere Hite shows that lots of straight guys are into anal play, but they don’t necessarily tell their partner. There’s lots of fun to be had with prostate massagers, or if you fancy sharing the experience with a partner, there’s the Sh! Pegging Kit  and strapless strap ons to try out too!

(And don’t forget the slick and sensual lube! Essential gear for boys with toys, as well as very sexy and slippery for a hot hand-job)!

3. Masturbation Myth! Solo Sex means you don’t want sex with your partner.

Not true – most people will continue to masturbate if they’re in a relationship, even if the sex is great! The two complement each other and masturbation can improve your sex life – you get to find out what you like in your own time, you get to focus on yourself, and that makes it much easier when it comes to asking for what you want with a partner!

4. MASTURBATION MYTH! Sex toys are sleazy.

Desire Vibrator £49

Not any more! Maybe once, when the height of sex-toy sophistication was a blow up doll or some scratchy knickers, but you just have to look at the gorgeous toys Lelo and Je Joue are making these days to see how much the industry has moved on.

There’s nothing sleazy about the toys we sell – and we’ve contributed to the move towards quality women’s toys, and couple’s sex toys too. Sh! has always been proud to stock (and make!) the most sensuous, elegant and female-friendly sex toys you can find!

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