Coregasms – Orgasms Brought On By Exercise

After reading articles about exercise-induced orgasms earlier this week, I was itching to get home and try it out for myself.  Although I’ve enjoyed exercise for most of my adult life, I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing the so-called ‘coregasms’.

Orgasms Induced by Exercise

Let me first explain the term ‘coregasm’ – this particular type of orgasm is linked to the core abdominal muscle groups as well as those in the lower back.

The research, reported in an edition of the Sexual and Relationship Therapy journal was conducted using online surveys, gathering data from a group of women (aged 18 and 63) reporting to have exercise-induced orgasm. Debby Herbenick and J. Dennis Fortenberry of Indiana University used these online surveys to scientifically record evidence that until now has been heavily based on hearsay. Basically, they were looking to find out if exercise-induced orgasm and exercise-induced sexual pleasure really do exist, as well as who experiences it and under what circumstances.

In Alfred Kinsey’s 1953 ‘Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female’ study, the phenomenon of exercise-induced orgasm and exercise-induced sexual pleasure was noted, but not investigated further.

Can Abdominal Exercises Bring on Orgasms?

If you’re looking to experience exercise-induced orgasm, the research has shown that a significant amount of women found a link between abdominal exercises and orgasm. Other exercises included yoga, weight-lifting and running.

It goes to show that there is so little documentation on the extent of the female orgasm, and hopefully this could be the beginning of more in-depth research. Unfortunately, so far my own research is ‘inconclusive’, but I had lots of fun trying!

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