Beginners Guide: My First Anal Toy

First and foremost – anal toys need to be safe

This means either having a flared/wide base or a ring/handle to keep tight hold of.

There’s a very good reason for this – toys can vanish up there easier than you might think.

Getting them out again can be at the very least be panicky… At worst, a trip to A&E might be required.

All Sh! silicone dildos have our trademark heart-shaped base, so every one is suitable for anal play.

Also crucial – Anal play needs lube.

The anus, unlike the vagina, isn’t naturally lubricating, so lube is a must to keep things slick and safe. Thicker lubes are better – Lush Pure Plus is perfect for anal play, it’s thick and long-lasting and very smooth!

Anal Beads make a great anal starter toy

Sh! Vibrating Silicone Beads
Sh! Vibrating Silicone Beads £30

Anal beads are strings of beads, usually small, but increasing gradually in size.

The beads are slipped inside, one at a time, and then gently pulled out at orgasm.

Because the anal muscles are closely involved in orgasm, this can feel absolutely fantastic!

Combining vibration with anal play – wow!

Anal Vibrators add a tingle which can help relax resisting anal muscles and of course the vibration can be felt throughout the whole nether regions…

Butt plugs have a narrow neck at the base so it stays in place

Butt Plug 2
Butt Plug 2 £19

…ideal if you want your hands free for other things.

Butt Plugs are designed to stay put once inside, unlike anal dildos which are designed to move. They provide a full feeling and something to squeeze against. This ‘squeezing’ involves the PC muscle, which is key to great orgasms.

We maybe biased but Sh! makes some very sexy silicone butt plugs – there’s a shape for anyone, from newbies to the experienced…

Men have an advantage when it comes to anal play

The prostate gland (aka male G-Spot) is tucked away up there!

There’s lots of advice across our site on the prostate, how to find it and how to pleasure it, but briefly it’s the male hot-spot found a few inches inside, towards the front of the body.

Anal toys that are specially designed with a curve to stroke and stimulate this super-sensitive spot include Sh!’s own curved butt plug and Rocks Off Rude Boy.

The Pleasure of Pegging

Anal sex using a dildo (or ‘pegging’) is a hot activity for couples which has become increasingly popular in the last 10 years.

Men are discovering the fun of being on the receiving end of penetration, with their partners discovering the fun in donning a strap-on harness and dildo combo to pleasure their man – a win-win situation!

To make choosing simple, we’ve created an anal strap-on kit with everything you need to get started.

We also manufacture a strapless strap-on which allows both partners to enjoy the intimacy of shared penetration during pegging – it’s a toy for subtle movements rather than wild in-and-out action.

Reading up on anal play

Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women
Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women £11.99

Guides on anal sex are a great source of information, particularly if you are a newbie, without much experience of the ins and outs of anal pleasure.

We’d recommend The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women and The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Men as the definitive bibles to all things anal; from positions, toys, safety & hygiene and every other question you’ve ever wanted to know about anal sex.

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