Beginners Guide to Anal Beads – How to Use & Enjoy Them to the Max!

Anal Beads, along with butt plugs, are one of the most popular anal sex toys for beginners. They also having a large fan-base among more experienced anal-players, who enjoy the unique sensations they deliver.

Anal beads, sometimes known as Thai Beads,  are a string of bead-shape balls, either completely round, or elongated,  which usually start small and become increasingly larger, with each next bead.

Starting with the smallest bead, they are designed to be ‘popped’ into the anus one by one…

The anal sphincter muscles contract and relax around each new bead, which is a sensation many people find pleasurable.

Anal beads range in size from the slim and incredibly user-friendly Fifty Shades of Grey Anal Beads, through to mid-sized proportions of the Bendy Silicone Anal Beads to the strapping Rombee.

Most anal beads graduate in size which allow the anus time to get used to to the proportions and sensations before you introduce the next, slightly larger bead…

Using lots of lube, slowly insert the anal beads one by one.

Go slowly and communicate if you are playing with a lover.

As each bead is inserted, the super-sensitive sphincter muscles close around it and this is the special feeling that anal bead aficionados enjoy.

Anal beads are not a ladder you have to climb, but a journey of sensations.

Anal sex should never be painful, and relaxing anal muscles is key to enjoying the exquisite sensations offered by anal beads, so only go onto the next bead when you’re good and ready….

The best thing about anal beads is that you can go as slowly as your pace, pleasure and confidence dictates..

Using lube is essential in all anal play and it greatly enhances the sensations and experience of anal beads.....
Using lube is essential in all anal play and it greatly enhances the sensations and experience of anal beads…..

Gradually introducing each bead into the anus is the name of the game, teasing and tantalizing and of course, for most people this is just the way they like it.

As with any other type of anal play, using lots of lubricant, and enjoying a slow pace as you insert the balls, makes the anus most receptive to their pleasures.


A word about anal bead safety

All anal sex toys, including beads, should have a guard, or some sort of ring at the base, so that the person “in charge” of the beads can be sure to keep a firm grip on them.

We’ve seen ( and rejected!) plenty of anal beads which don’t have a proper or sturdy means of keeping a grip,  so choose your anal beads wisely. Things can, and do, get stuck up peoples bottoms and painful, embarrassing trips to A&E are best avoided.

There are many anal beads on the market ranging from cheap hard plastic beads to pricey quartz beads.

The problem is many of these anal beads are moulded with a ridge around them, which can be sharp.

And lots of anal beads are strung with knotted string which isn’t going to look pretty after a couple of goes… (We don’t wish to alarm, but we have also heard of instances when the string has snapped!)

Like all our products, we choose our anal bead range with care and obviously reject any anal beads we feel are unsafe, sharp, unhygienic or tricky to clean.

Sh! Silicone Anal Beads £14
Sh! Silicone Anal Beads £14


For us,  silicone is the best material for anal beads, especially for beginners, as it is soft,  smooth,  flexible and warms quickly to body-temperature.

Silicone is non-porous, so it is incredibly body-safe and easily cleaned/sterilized, which is important if you plan to share your beads with someone special…






Njoy Fun Wand £89
Njoy Fun Wand £89
Glass Dildo with beaded shaft (£37)
Glass Dildo with beaded shaft (£37)


For more experienced anal-players, a glass or stainless steel toy, with a beaded shaft, offers the same sphincter-squeeze sensations, along with a delicious weightiness that can be hard to beat…

Both these materials are also easy to clean/sterilize.





Vibrating Anal Beads (£30) - Adding vibration to the mix can help relax any tension...
Vibrating Anal Beads (£30) – Adding vibration to the mix can help relax any tension…


Vibrating anal beads combine two different sensations. The anus is packed with sensitive and super-responsive nerve-endings which makes every activity there  feel magnified.

Adding vibration can help tense tushies relax, as well as spreading a thrilling buzz throughout the whole genital area.


Anal Bead Tips & Tricks

Anal beads can be enjoyed by any gender or sexuality. Those with a prostate may find they stimulate the Male G-Spot to orgasm 

An infamous anal beads sex trick is to insert them one by one into your guy’s bum and to pull them out at exactly the same time he ejaculates. The feeling of both beads and sperm bursting forth simultaneously is supposed to be out of this world.  Obviously we can’t personally confirm this (thou various B’friends seem pretty happy). What we can say for sure is that it’s a great extra trick for your repertoire!

Many women also enjoy the sensation of feeling the beads ‘popping out’ on the moment of climax and find wearing them during penetrative sex can give a special feeling of fullness.


Just like every sexual activity, being really turned-on will enhance your experience and enjoyment of anal beads, so…

  • In between ‘insertions’, massage the anus with small circular movements…
  • Use your other hand to stimulate  other erogenous zone – nipples, clitoris, penis…
  • Take your time to really heighten the moment…Try sliding each bead in and out for a lovely, repetitive, sphincter-squeeze!
  • Keep breathing – deeply! Lots of us impede great sex by shallow breathing, or holding our breath, which staves the body of oxygen and makes muscles tense up. This is especially important in anal sex where tense muscles are no fun.
  • Go slowly, sensually and enjoy the journey! Doggedly going for quick insertion followed by a tricky-to-coordinate withdrawal at point of orgasm may make you miss the appeal of anal beads.
  • Talking of withdrawal – try not to whip them out, but sensually draw them out evenly.

Whether as a sexual side dish to other activities or totally focused as the the main dish,  anal beads can give great pleasure – enjoy!

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