The A – U of Orgasms; A-Spots, U-Spots, G-Spots and more…

The A – U of Orgasms; A-Spots, U-Spots, G-Spots and more…

So it’s not quite a full alphabet but this is your complete guide to everything from your A-Spot to your U-Spot, taking in the clitoris, G-Spot and Nipple Orgasms on the way…

The A-Spot

What is it?

The A-Spot (aka ‘anterior fornix erogenous zone’/ ‘AFE zone ‘ ) is a located at the deepest point of the vagina on the upper  wall, above your cervix, where the vagina begins to curve upwards.  That’s where the name comes from it’s your ‘anterior erogenous zone’. It’s been described as the ‘female degenerated prostate’ whatever exactly that means, but just think of it as a fun spot to explore. So basically it is right at the back of your vagina, beyond the G-Spt and above the cervix entrance. To explore, draw your legs in all the way and feel around a little, when you touch this spot you may feel an instant increase in lubrication along with possible  intense pleasure and contractions.

What do I do with it?

When touched the A-Spot can generate instant wetness, a session of A-Spot play can produce an orgasm that’s very similar to a G-Spot orgasm. If you have any problems with vaginal dryness this might be one to cultivate, as repeated stimulation is said to increase your levels of natural lubrication.

Toy of choice:

Because of where it’s situated the A-Spot can be a little hard to reach, unless you have long fingers. So we’d recommend using a long toy like this Swell vibrator (recently and enthusiastically reviewed by the lovely Emmeline Peaches). Try sitting with your legs pulled up against your body for maximum reach and full pleasure.


The Clitoris

What is it?

Well we hope you know what your clitoris is but if you’re not quite sure here’s a quick catch up. The clitoris is your most sensitive erogenous zone, it sits underneath your clitoral hood at the top of the labia, but the clitoris is a bit like an iceberg, it also extends below the surface. The clitoris is made up of erectile tissue so it will swell when you’re aroused.

What do I do with it?

Whatever you like! You can stimulate your clit with your fingers, a vibrator or a willing partner. If you’re new to clitoral stimulation we’d suggest exploring with a finger and some lubricant to gauge what you enjoy. Some people prefer direct stimulation, whilst others find that off-putting or even de-sensitising  and prefer stimulation to the sides of the clit. Everyone will have different preferences and that will affect which toy is right for you.

Toy of Choice

Vibrators can be one of the easiest ways to achieve a clitoral orgasm and, in general, vibrators with a ”higher pitched” vibration make for better clitoral toys and those with a lower, heavier, deeper vibration are better for penetration.

If you’re not keen on direct stimulation, a rabbit vibrator that stimulates the sides of your clit and has a range of vibrations to explore could be a good choice. If you have difficulty achieving clitoral orgasms you might want to try a wand massager; a study in 2008 found that over 93% of a group of 500 women who struggled to orgasm achieved The Big O with a Wand and the Betty Dodson Method.



The G-Spot

What is it?

Your G-Spot is probably the second most well known erogenous zone. It’s located a couple of inches inside your vagina on the anterior wall, so towards the front. If you feel around with a lubricated finger you should be able to locate a small patch that feels different in texture, slightly rougher than the smooth walls around it. It doesn’t feel like much now but once it’s swollen with arousal the G-Spot can deliver powerful orgasms.

What do I do with it?

We’d recommend being thoroughly aroused before you go near your G-Spot. Take as much time as you need to make sure you are thoroughly warmed up, you might also want to take a bathroom break before you settle down for some G-Spot exploration.

The same nerves that sends G-Spot sensations to the brain also sends messages from the bladder. For many women a G-Spot orgasm is accompanied by a pleasurable gush of liquid; sometimes enough to hit walls and soak the bed! This is called female ejaculation or ‘squirting’ and is not the same as urinating so don’t worry. But for peace of mind you might want to put a towel down and nip to the loo beforehand.

The G-Spot responds best to firm pressure, you can try applying pressure with two fingers or a toy. If you’re using your fingers try a firm ‘come here’ motion, you might want to try squatting or all fours, play around until you find a comfortable position. As always, remember to use lots of lube.

The G-Spot can also be a source of multiple orgasms, keep stimulating the G-Spot through your orgasm, then take a short, 20 second break, and resume stimulation. However, G-Spot orgasms can be hard work so, patience is key.

Toy of choice:

There are plenty of toys designed to stimulate your G-Spot, like a G-Spot Vibrator or to provide G-Spot and clitoral stimulation for the best of both worlds and maybe a ‘blended orgasm’. Something firm like a glass dildo can also work very well for the steady stimulation needed to achieve a G-Spot orgasm.


Nipple Orgasms

What are they?

Apparently Nipple orgasms are the most common type of orgasm after clitoral, which might come (no pun intended) as a surprise, considering that the G-Spot orgasm is more widely known. Your nipples are jam packed with nerve endings, even if you don’t experience nipple orgasms this is another erogenous zone you can explore and enjoy.

What do I do with them?

This is another one that’s wide open. It’s up to you! Do what feels good is the mantra of today (and every day, especially National Orgasm Day).

A good way to demonstrate what kind of stimulation you enjoy can be to try it out on a partner, squeezing, stroking, nibbling or licking can all feel good. Oral stimulation might be the best way to experiment with your nipples orgasmic capabilities, starting with a light touch and moving up to firm sucking. Other than that, play, explore, enjoy!

Toy of Choice

It’s  not all nipple clamps, there are all kinds of teasing sensations to savor. If you would like to explore nipple clamps you could try a vibrating option with just a soft pinch, enough to awaken never endings and start building sensations.

You could also try nipple suckers for some gentle but exciting stimulation. Cups softly attach around the nipple and areolas for a subtle sucking sensation.


The U-Spot

What is it?

This is another erogenous zone that you might not know much about. The U-Spot is located at the opening of the Urethra, that’s where the name comes from. Your urethra is where your pee comes out of. It’s located between your vaginal opening and the clitoris, towards the top. As always, get out some lube and have a feel around, this little spot fills with blood when you become aroused making it very sensitive to stimulation. It’s connected to a group of glands ‘Skene’s Glands’ that are thought to be similar to the male prostate and might be the source of ‘female ejaculation’, but more research is needed before we can say for sure.

What do I do with it?

Try exploring the area around your urethra with a lubed finger or a wet tongue. Stick to slow, delicate touches and find what feels good.

Toy of choice:

Here the best toy is a willing partner! The U-Spot responds best to a warm wet tongue although feel free to experiment with the content of your toy box and let us know the results!

Breast Aware

Are You Breast Aware?

Most cases of breast cancer are found by women (or men) noticing changes to their breast, so it’s important to check yours regularly.

Being breast aware means being familiar with your breasts, how they look and how they feel. Breasts can feel “lumpy” just before your period, so it’s important you  know what’s normal for you – that way you can quickly tell if an unusual lump has reared its ugly head.

Whilst it’s vital you are on the look-out for lumps, it’s important to know there can be other signs too.

Get in the habit of checking your breasts regularly – whilst showering, for example.  Remember to check the whole area, including chest and armpits.

When it comes to your breasts, it’s all about TLC:

TOUCH your breasts – can you feel anything unusual?

LOOK for changes – is there any change in shape or texture?

CHECK anything unusual with your doctor.

During the month of October, we’ll be raising money for our chosen charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer – stop by the shop to help fill the tins!


Nipple Orgasm Advice

A Guide to Nipple Orgasms

A nipple orgasm is an orgasm that’s brought on from lots of nipple and breast stimulation, with no touch to your nether regions.

Women who experience nipple orgasm say that the orgasm seems to radiate from their breasts.

One survey found 29% of women had experienced a nipple orgasm.

….that makes it the 2nd most common orgasm after clitoral.

Which isn’t so surprising as most women say their nipples are the second most sensitive part of their body, after their clitoris.

The reason you can have a nipple orgasm is because nipple-play lights up the same region in your brain as clitoral and/or vaginal stimulation.

Breasts and nipples are sensitive because they’re jam packed with nerve endings but the story doesn’t end there…

  • Small breasts are often more sensitive than larger breasts. This is because nerves transmitting sensation from the nipple is less stretched.
  • Large nipples are more likely to be very sensitive because they contain more nerve endings.
  •  Smaller nipples may respond more to stimulation of the areola (the circle of skin around the actual nipple).
  • Inverted nipples are just as sensitive – never ignore “innies” simply because they don’t look the sane or seem to respond in the way that other nipples do.

This said, there are no hard and fast rules about the kind of nipple stimulation a woman likes; we’re all different and like different touches – some prefer light touches and others can take it harder.

A great way to teach what kind of touch and intensity you like is to demonstrate it on your lover’s nipples. This is advice for all couples F/M as well as F/F – men have responsive nipples too!

Generally stroking and light squeezing of breasts and tweaking, licking, sucking and gentle nibbling on nipples all feel good.

Nipples respond to temperature (as we all know on a cold day!) so a sip from a cold drink before licking and sucking can also be very arousing.

Like a clitoral orgasm, time and sustained stimulation is key to a nipple orgasm.

Hands stroking the breasts in a circular swirling motion and fingers tweaking and pinching the nipple is a great way to bring on a nipple orgasm manually, but oral stimulation is probably even better -starting with light licks and nibbles and building up to constant and firm sucking.

As arousal builds, the stimulation can become firmer building up to the most intense stimulation at the end.

Even if all this breast and nipple play doesn’t result in an orgasm, it will still feel have benefits beyond simply feeling good.

The primary job of a woman’s breasts is obviously to feed a new baby and breast stimulation prompts the release of oxytocin – the “bonding” hormone.

So incorporating lots of breast and nipple play during sex with your partner will makes you feel closer and more connected.


Q&A: Using Nipple Clamps

Dear Sh!

I bought some nipple clamps from your store last week but they just keep falling off!

What am I doing wrong?

Hi there,

Positioning nipple clamps correctly is the key to nipple clamp staying power!

Nipple clamps should be positioned behind the tip of the nipple rather than right on the end, where the clamp may feel rather uncomfortable – if it doesn’t just fall right off.

Pinch your nipple with forefinger and thumb, and then place the clamp on your nipple behind your fingers.

Hope this helps and do get in touch if you need any more help

Best Wishes

Team Sh!


Q&A: Nipple Clamps & Sensitivity

Dear Sh!

I wonder if you can help. My partner and I would like to try nipple clamps, but I have pretty sensitive nipples so could you advise on which would be the best type for me?

Hi there,

If you have sensitive nipples/breasts, we’d say go easy with nipple clamps, buy an adjustable set and don’t leave them on for too long -probably no more than 30 minutes.

An excellent set of nipple clamps for beginners are Rubber Coated Nipple Clamps as not only are they coated with rubber for softer pinching but they have screws on either side to adjust tightness.

As women, our sensitivity levels can fluctuate with our hormones, so the same sensation from nipple clamps that turns us on one week can turn us off the next.

Breast sensitivity is heightened just before or during our period so go gently with nipple clamps during this time.


Best Wishes

Team Sh!



How to use Nipple Clamps Advice

Nipple Clamp Safety Tips

Tips for Playing Safely and Sensually with Nipple Clamps:

Check sensations regularly

The pinch of nipple clamps is one thing but the real sensation comes after the clamp is released.

Once you’ve got over the initial sensation  when nipple clamps are applied, feelings may turn quite mild until the clamps come off and then ‘OUCH!’

Start out only for a minute or so, then release, to restore circulation and to address the intensity factor before moving on to longer periods…

Clamps can make nipples incredibly sensitive

When nipple clamps are released, blood rushes back into the traumatized area making the never-endings zing with sensation.

How much will, of course,  depend on how sensitive your nipples are in a ‘regular’ state.

If you’re nipples go crazy at the brush of a blouse, stand back to be blown away at a mere whisper of breath across them…

If your nipples are not very sensitive, you may find nipple clamps are just the thing to make them stand to attention.

A lot of pleasure and imaginative sensation play can be applied after the clamp is released; ice, a warm tongue, vibration, the stroke of a feather stroked across or sting of a mini whip will all feel super magnified on freshly unclasped nips.

 Don’t play with nipple clamps for too long

Especially if you’re a beginner.  As the nature of a clamp  to cut off blood supply, it’s  best not to play with nipple clamps for  a few minutes at first.

Even if you’re a seasoned player, clamps shouldn’t be left on for more that 30 minutes without a break and chance for circulation to be restored.

It depends on the type of clamp used and how total the ‘cut-off’ , but no blood flow to an area can mean tissue damage, so don’t take this tip lightly.

Home-made clamps

Your local hardware, DIY  or beauty shop  can reveal some interesting home-made nipple pinchers; clothes pegs, hardware clamps and even hair clips can be brought into play.

However check their surface very carefully, running your finger ( or better yet, your tongue – as that is one of the most sensitive feeler on your body) over the surface.

Feel firmly for splinters or anything that could nick or cut. Clearly, don’t use a clamp with serrated metal teeth as these can obviously break skin.

Apply nipple clamps behind the areola

The areola is the circle of darkened skin surrounding the actual nipple. Pull the nipple out and apply the nipple clamp toward the back – almost behind the nipple.

Nipple clamps that are applied too closely to the front of the nipple can be frustrating as they slip off in the heat of the moment.  Clamping as much as possible behind the areola will give you a much more secure pinch.

Advice about breasts & nipple clamps

Breast and nipple sensitivity changes throughout the  menstrual cycle – what feels good one day may be excruciating the next – be aware of this and don’t try to ‘stick it out’ just because it felt good last time.

During pregnancy and breast-feeding is also a time when nipple sensitivity can go through the roof.  There’s no reason why you can’t play whist expecting or feeding a baby, just listen and follow your body’s signs.

Women with cystic breasts and silicone implants should be cautious when it comes to nipple clamp play.

Nipple clamps aren’t just for nipples!

Anything that is pinched hard for quite a while and then released becomes super sensitive – so image what a clamped clit could feel like…

Perhaps too much for some, but if you struggle with clitoral sensitivity, a clamp on your clitoris could wake her up – a lot!

Labia don’t have the same amount of nerve-endings, but can enjoy tugging , spreading and weighty sensations that a clamp clipped here can bring.

Our Top 3 Nipple Clamp Recommendations:

Tweezer Nipple Clamps (£13) Easy Adjustable Squeeze Clips: Ideal for Beginners
Tweezer Nipple Clamps (£13) Easy Adjustable Squeeze Clips: Ideal for Beginners

Best Nipple Clamps for Beginners – Tweezer Nipple ClampsAn excellent set for newbies exploring first-time nipple play, the V-shaped clamps open wide to go behind the nipple and are totally adjustable – you simply slide clip upwards until the desired level of pinch is reached. The connecting chain add weights and is ideal to tug and ‘wake-up’ the nipples  and looks look hot between the breasts…



Adjustable Nipple Clamps (£11) Screw-Type, Rubber-Coated with Chain
Adjustable Nipple Clamps (£11) Screw-Type, Rubber-Coated with Chain

Best for Intermediates – Adjustable Nipple Clamps

2 large rubber coated clamps, fully adjustable with a screw  on each clasp with can be used to limit the pinch-effect. clamps. They are heavy, so will need to be pinched quiet hard to keep them from slipping off.

A connecting chain adds to the weighty sensations and can be tweaked and tugged to increase sensations.



Nipple Chain Clamps (£16) Simple Clip Clasp Type with Heavy Chain
Nipple Chain Clamps (£16) Simple Clip Clasp Type with Heavy Chain

Best for all-round clamping Nipple Chain Clamps

A pair of simple squeeze-open clasps with a broad, flat pinching area to diffuse sensations and rubber-coated interior tips for stay-put pleasure. Like a flat pair of modern clother pegs, these are the best clamps if you’d like to explore clit-clamping.




Read more nipple play advice to help you explore the delightful sensations of your or your partner’s twin peaks…


How to use Nipple Clamps Advice

How to Use Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps clamp onto the nipple to give an aching feeling many people find pleasurable.

But what are the sensations, pleasures and pain that nipple clamps can give and how do you use them safely?

Nipple clamps are designed to be placed on the nipples to provide a pinching sensation.

As you become more aroused often breasts and nipples (as well as other sensitive areas) become more receptive to stronger sensations which is where the precise delights of a nipple clamp comes in.

As in all nipple-play, its best to start slowly, gently and teasingly with nipple clamps and build up

When nipple clamps are first put on, expect a short, sharp twinge at first. As blood flow to the area is gradually cut off by the nipple clamp, this feeling subsides to a slow throb that many people find achingly sensual.

If the nipple clamps are jostled or the nipple clamp chain is pulled, the sharper sensations will return, as it will  when the clamps are released so always jostle, pull or release nipple clamps gently unless the ouch-factor is desired.

For a different kind of nipple play, try the Vibrating Nipple Clamps as they add a delightful buzz to nipple clamping…

advice breast aware

How to Check Your Breasts

You know your body better than anyone else, and everyone has their own way of checking and touching their breasts, but here are some handy tips to help.

Check your breasts regularly and around the same time the month…

A good time to check your breasts is a few days after you period ends, so you’re not as tender or swollen. Due to hormone levels, you will find that your breast tissue will probably change throughout the month.

If you’re not having periods, check your breasts on the same day every month -pick a day ( the 1st of the month? payday?)  -whenever is easiest for you to remember.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding, it is still important to check your breasts every month. When breast feeding, try to examine after a feeding or using a pump, to make it more comfortable.

First, check your breast for visible signs…

Check in the mirror,  arms by your sides and shoulders straight.

Are your breasts their usual shape, size and colour? You’re looking for any changes to your breasts, such as soreness, a rash, redness or swelling , skin dimpling/ bulging  or to nipple ( inverted or discharge)

Next check your breasts by feeling them…

Position: If you’re starting with your left breast; lay on your back with your left hand under your head. Pop a pillow or something soft under your left shoulder.

Motion: Using your right hand , move around the breast in small circular motions, using the pads of your fingers.

Area: You can either start at the nipple working out in a circular pattern or use an up ‘n’ down pattern ( like you’re mowing a lawn) but be sure to cover the whole area, from collarbone to top of your tummy and from armpit to cleavage area.

Pressure: Use as much pressure as is comfortable for you, but the firmer the better, which, depending on the size and sensitivity of your breasts, will likely mean varying it from lighter around the centre of your breast and nipple area to much firmer at your breastbone, ribcage and armpit.

Tip: Checking in the shower or using lubricant or massage oil will make it easier to examine your breasts as there will be less resistance

When checking your breasts, look out for any of these changes, that don’t disappear…

  • Lumps, knots or thickening
  • Any swellings, warmth, or a change in tone of the skin
  • Changes in the shape and/or size of the breast
  • Rash on the breast or nipple,
  • Any sore or itchy areas
  • Nipple pulling in
  • Discharge from your nipple

If you do notice any unusual changes or lumps don’t panic, but don’t ignore them either…

Many lumps are found to be non cancerous, so try not to panic. If it is something more serious, Breast Cancer treatment & prognosis has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years.

So, don’t ignore any changes in your breasts, which don’t disappear after a few days. The sooner a lump or changes are noticed by you and checked out / treated by your Doc the better…