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Wax Play Candles - 3 Pack

Wax Play Candles


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Wax Play Candles - 3 Pack

Low Temperature Burn for Hot Wax Fetish BDSM Play

Key Features:

  • Pack of 3 soy wax candles for sexy vegan temperature play
  • Low burn temperature of 130f/54c provides optimal heat for sensation without burning the skin
  • Each candle is 4 inches long by 1.25 inches wide
  • Size and shape designed to make dripping wax easy and effective
  • Handmade specially for Sh! in the UK by wax-play experts

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  • Product Description

    Sensual candles for wax play, heightened sensations and hot encounters. Wax-play is where you drip 'hot' wax onto your partner's skin. It increases adrenelin and therefore arousal

    Handcrafted for sexy simplicity as well as safety, these dripping candles are specially designed to have a low burning temperature, offering enough heat for that unparalleled sensual sensation of hot wax, without burning the skin.

    When first using wax for play, it's recommended that you start to drip from a distance. But, once you're comfortable and your partner is used to the sensation you can experiment with getting closer. Remember, the smaller the distance from the skin the hotter the wax will be.

    Wax play candles, coupled with blindfold really builds anticipation as your partner will be driven wild not being able to see when and when you will next pour the candle. Add bondage and they will be totally under your control! ( remember to play safely and agree on a 'safe word' before you start so the boundee can stop the play, if they need to)

    These unique wax play candles have already become fiery favourites of customers in our London store, and now our online customers can dip into wax play to see what all the fuss is about.


    Low Burn Temperature 130f/54c: 
    Shop bought non-labelled candles can vary and be up to 180f/82c. We feel 130f/54c allows the wax to be hot enough to give the required sensation without burning the skin. 

    The candles are aprox 100mm x 30mm. Please bear in mind that these are hand made not machine made. The size and shape was designed to make dripping wax easy and effective. 

    As with most products please test before first time use as all skin types are different and some people do have an allergy to soya beans so there is no way to 100% guarantee that they will suit everyone. 

    Ingredients: Contains saturated and unsaturated egatable lipids predominantly containing triglycerides, diglycerides and monoglycerides. Non-hazardous colouring agents.

  • technical info
    Please see description
  • Product Reviews
    1. Enhance Bondage enjoyment by Havelock


      Added pleaaure when bound and blindfolded the candles give a aharp specific sensation when applied (Posted on 27/05/2015)

    2. fun to use and colours are great by kitty


      These are great, having experienced wax play before these were so much better than ones we've bought in the past. They are the perfect temperature and the colours are really bright not watery like most bondage candles (Posted on 12/01/2015)

    3. Great for teasing and gentle temperature play! by Renee


      I love these candles - they offer small "pops" of heat rather than burning sensations. The wax can be used for nipples and vulva with no problems; the wax leave no marks and brush off easily once playtime is over. Give it a go :) (Posted on 30/12/2014)

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  • Sex Tip For Wax Play Candles - 3 Pack
    If you want to increase the sensation allow the wax to pool on the top of the candle, which significantly increases the temperature. Or try flicking the candle and splashing the wax onto your partner...the possibilities are endless.
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