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Vaginismus Dilator Set

Vaginismus Dilator Set


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Vaginismus Dilator Set

Size graded vibes for dialating & treatment of vaginismus

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  • Product Description

    We created our Vaginismus Dilator kit after seeing the horrible medical dilators prescribed to women with Vaginismus or who need vaginial training.

    Dilators are white plastic torpedo-shaped dildos which must be very difficult for a woman to feel sexy about, especially if she is tackling any physical or phsychological problems which affect her sexual pleasure.

    Our Sh! Vaginismus Dilator kit consists of four battery operated vibrators of graded sizes.

    Please Note: Due to variances in supply, the sizes of Vaginismus vibrators may differ slightly to ones featured but we can assure you they will always be an effective range of sizes from very slim, upwards...

    The dialator set is designed to enable a smooth transition up the sizes, but remember that using some lubricant with each vibrator will make the whole process easier and more enjoyable. Don't go up to the next size in the dilator kit until you are ready.

    Vibration can relax muscles, be stimulating and can help ease the process of dilating towards pleasure rather than treatment.

    It's everyone's right to enjoy a healthy and happy sex life and no physical or mental difficulties should be allowed to stand in the way of your fulfilled sexual self.

    The vibrators in the Vaginal Dilator kit can be used to stimulate and massage your whole genital region, including labia and clitoris - be adventurous and, above all, enjoy.

  • technical info
    Materials: Plastic
    Phthalate Alert: None

    Please Note: Due to variances in supply, the sizes of Vaginismus vibrators may differ slightly to ones featured but we can assure you they will always be an effective range of sizes from very slim, upwards. Actual sizes given are for general illustration only
    Actual Length: 1-130mm / 2-170mm / 3-180mm / 4-192mm
    Playable length: 1-110mm / 2-145mm / 3-155mm / 4-170mm
    Diameter (at widest): 1-17mm / 2-20mm / 3-27mm / 4-30mm
    Batteries: 1-2xAAA / 2-2xAA / 3-2xAA / 4-2xC
    Supplied with Toy: No
    Intensity on full power: 1-Medium/2-Medium/3-Gentle/4-Strong
    Volume on full power: 1,2,4 -Can't be heard from next room, 3 - Can't be heard outside of duvet
    Weight: 1-Feather (37 g) / 2-Light (90g) / 3-Light (110g) / 4-Medium (185g)
    Ease of Use: Easy Peasy
    Speeds: 1-Multi / 2-Multi / 3-Single / 4- Multi
    Offers: Vibration only
    Waterproof: 2-Yes / 1,3 & 4-No
    Lube: Any

    Care & Cleaning of Vaginismus Dialtor Kit: Sh! Toy Cleaner or Warm, soapy water. No water near battery area. Rinse & dry thoroughly. Store cool, clean & dark environment."

  • Product Reviews
    1. If you work carefully they really do help! by


      An absolute must. Forget the NHS trainers or more medical dilators which as my sex therapist remarked " who would want to have sex with them" These by contrast have an excellent soft silicone outer texture . More importantly they vibrate which aids the muscles to relax. They are also excellent at rewarding oneself at the end of the session! The graduating sizes make the approach realistic and do-able. (Posted on 07/04/2013)

    2. It's a great buy! by Emerald


      My hubby brought me this kit as I was having problems in that area with tightness etc, these teamed with seeing a Sexual Therapist has helped me dilate up to the 4th size (which I still use).
      These dilators are much more fun than the medical kind as they are colourful and vibrate.
      I have also been using them as vibrators to help me discover myself.
      (Posted on 04/03/2011)

    3. I love sh! Thank you so much by ;)


      I love these they're amazing! They look nice; the bag is a lovely touch too. But the main things is they're are fun and they really work, sex is so much easier now thanks do these but I would recommend them for anyone as they are brilliant value for money.
      (Posted on 29/10/2010)

    4. Just to say I'm delighted to see Sh's great Vaginismus Dialator Set!! by Berty


      I suffered with vaginismus until I was diagnosed at 26. I had the white medical ones! They did the job but I'm sure that this new set of vibrators from Sh would really help make treatment more lighthearted and enjoyable.
      When I found out that I had vaginismus I felt very relieved to finally know what was wrong, but also very isolated as there has been such a shortage of information on this disorder. So it is really great to see Sh bringing out such a vibrant product that will help sufferers and also draw attention to this issue.
      I'm pleased to say I am now fine and vaginismus is in my past. To get better I had some sessions with a BASRT accredited Psychosexual Therapist and did vaginal training. Would definitely have brought this set if they'd been around afew years ago! (Posted on 19/05/2010)

    5. This was the best 50 quid i ever spent! by rich69


      I ordered this training kit because i suffered from painful sex (vaginismus) for several weeks after i lost my virginity. Eventually i realized that things weren't getting better and were not right, and i needed some help to feel more comfortable. i hadn't enjoyed intercourse once, and i was scared and anxious due to lack of experience and continuing pain.

      There were other options available online (vaginal dilators etc), but this kit looked fun and funky, and something i could enjoy with my partner, since we could not enjoy intercourse yet. i also used it by myself sometimes. The very small difference in size between the vibrators really reduces anxiety for someone who has suffered from painful intercourse. Its fun and easy.

      Once the smaller ones feel comfortable you can move up a size! i would normally move up a size on the same day i had used the smaller size when i was really excited, this made things a lot easier. Although i was expecting that using this training kit would be a bore and simply a means to an end, we had such a great time using these vibes, and we are now enjoying pain free sex!! The other great thing about using this kit to help vaginismus, is that you and your partner can get to know each other a little better in the mean time, and explore what each other likes.

      If you have to refrain from intercourse while you are training, these vibes are also great because you can get a lot of pleasure from them :) So you aren't missing out. I found my G-spot for the first time too! This kit has saved my sex life, possibly even my relationship too! i am much happier now i can enjoy sex without pain! The vibes themselves are smooth and easy to use.

      The 3rd largest vibe has a slightly different texture to the others, but we found no problems as long as we used lubricants (these come with the kit anyway). Thank you Sh! for supplying this lovely little kit for those of us that weren't so confident and experienced! (Posted on 08/09/2008)

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  • Sex Tip For Vaginismus Dilator Set
    Many Ladies looking to buy the Sh! Vaginismus Dilator Kit may be living with sexual dysfunction of one kind or another; to become more familiar with your vibes and also to love any that are currently too big for you to enjoy internally, we recommend using them for other pleasure zones on your body - Lube 'em up and relax, let the vibration stimulate other parts of your body - much better than letting them gather dust in the airing cupboard.
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