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Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women

Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women


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Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women

Comprehensive 'How To' All About Anal Pleasure for Her

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  • Product Description

    Best-selling self-help book on anal sex for women, completely updated and expanded! The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women offers comprehensive information on all aspects of anal eroticism and health:

    For all women - heterosexual, lesbian, or bisexual - who want to learn how to enjoy anal sex with a partner or by yourself.

    • Building trust and communicating your desires 
    • Pleasurable anal penetration: how to give it, how to get it .
    • Clear, illustrated discussion of anatomy .
    • New! Male anal eroticism: how to please your man .
    • New! Expanded chapters on power play, butt bondage, and fisting .
    • New! Ask the Anal Advisor: answers to questions on all aspects of anal pleasure .
    • Helpful tips on safety, preparation, and hygiene .
    • Where to buy toys, accessories, and safer sex supplies.

    "Tristan Taormino is the go-to-girl on anal sex." Time Out New York

    "A book that's long overdue! The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women is informative, sexy, and inspirational." Betty Dodson, PhD, author of Sex for One

    "The bible of female anal sex."

    "An essential how-to for beginners and a valuable reference for enthusiasts." Cathy Winks, co-author of The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex

    "A must-must-must for every committed and curious ass-bandit." Susie Bright

  • technical info

    Author: Tristan Taormino
    Publisher: Cleis Press
    Publishing Date: 2006

  • Product Reviews
    1. A must-have for the curious and practiced alike by Joanna


      A really informative and well written guide, great for novices and enthusiasts alike!

      It's written by a woman, speaking to women, and covers all the emotional barriers that we may have around enjoying this form of sex and then takes us on an accessible, step-by-step process to enjoying all the different forms of anal sex both physically and physiologically

      Ifs the best, covers-everything, honest, feel-good, safety-conscious ( both physically AND emotionally) everything-you-need-to-know anal sex manual for women and if this is an activity you want to explore or are already enjoying, it's a must-have addition to your bookshelf. (Posted on 06/07/2009)

    2. "Enlightening and helpful" by Twinkle


      I found this book both enlightening and helpful, lots of advice and helpful hints from a writer who knows what she's talking about. Def one to buy if you're thinking of exploring anal sex. There was loads I hadn't thought about...

      Leave it laying around if you feel unable to broach the subject delicately with your partner. Don't read it on the bus tho, like I did. You'll get funny looks and unwanted offers of 'help' from drunken young lads..! (Posted on 09/07/2008)

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  • Sex Tip For Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women

    A sneaky peek between the covers!:

    'It felt great to finaslly hear other women's stories and not feel so alone with my own desires, fantasies, and experiences of anal sex. I hoped 'The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for women' would incite this kind of communication among its reader and the dialogue would continue. Boy did it ever!'

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