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Traditional Butt Plug 4

Traditional Butt Plug 4 : Purple


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Traditional Butt Plug 4

Classic Shape 4.25 x 1.5 Inch Silicone Anal Toy

Key Features:

  • Traditional butt-plug shape, with easy-entry tip sweeping out to a fuller body, to deliver increasingly fullfilling pleasure
  • 4.25 inches long and 1.5 inch diameter ( at widest ) and narrow neck for stay-in-place comfort
  • Wide heart-shaped base for ultimate safely...and displays of affection!
  • 100% body-safe silicone - the best anal sex toy material as it's easy to clean, non-porous, hypoallergenic with no latex or phthalates
  • Handmade by Sh! ® in London England – A top quality, ethically-produced butt plug with 1 Year Guarantee

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  • Product Description
    A traditional butt plug shape, with a tapered tip filling out to a wider base before sweeping in to form the neck, this is a perfect butt plug if you enjoy a fuller feeling during anal play.

    Wider than the Beginners Butt Plug, but still with the same smooth, tapered, easy-entry tip and single sphincter stop at the base, the Traditional Butt Plug offers more fulfilling sensations the deeper you go.

    Sh! Traditional Butt Plug features our signature wide heart-shaped base which makes all our butt plugs super safe for anal play (as there's no chance of it slipping inside and getting lost ) well as ultimate displays of affection!

    Handmade in 100% body-friendly silicone which is soft, sensual but still firm enough for anal play. Silicone warms to body temperature quickly and is hypoallergenic, non-porous and super easy to clean. It can even be sterilized.

    Lube and a slow pace are the two most important elements to anal play that's all pleasure and no pain. We recommend using water-based lube only with all our silicone butt plugs as oil or silicone-based lubricant can, over time, damage the beautifully smooth surface of a silicone butt plug.

    Cleaning: Use Sh! Toy Cleaner/Soap/10% bleach solution/rubbing alcohol. Rinse thoroughly. To sterilize: Boil 3 minutes / dishwasher - top rack!

    Care: Avoid breaking surface of your butt plug. Keep away direct heat/sunlight. Store in clean dry, fluff-free place

  • technical info
    Material: Silicone
    Phthalate Alert: None
    Actual Length: 4.5 inch / 116mm
    Playable length: 4.25 inch / 106mm
    Diameter (at widest): 1.5 inch / 34mm
    Weight: Light (94g)
    Waterproof: Yes
    Lube: Water-based Only
  • Product Reviews
    1. Excellent quality of Sh silicone... by SpeakForYourself


      This is significantly wider than the other beginner level butt plugs, we're not talking expert or extreme, but it is about two fingers worth of girth, and if you haven't experimented much with anal before it miiiight be a little scary. If you're curious, don't bite off more than you can chew! I would suggest experimenting with smaller more beginner friendly BPs first, seeing if you like the sensations, seeing if you want more and work your way up the range. If at first you don't succeed, dont give up! Lube and relaxation are your friends ;)

      However, the excellent quality of Sh silicone, the tapered edge, the sturdy heart-shaped base means that you can just relax and not worry about it. It does taper quite gently (though obviously not as gently as the beginner one, which I find is a little too slim.. it's less than a finger's width) and once it is in, the tapered edge gives you something to grip around, the girth is enough to take your breath away.

      Over the last few years, my girlfriend and I have gotten more and more into anal play, and it has been a really enlightening journey. She prefers dildos and being actively anally penetrated whereas I am more of a "I just want something in my ass" - a plug like this gives you the width without too much scary length (i'm not a fan of length myself). We've pretty much made our way through the Sh BP range, and this is my personal favourite, it's simple, no ridging just smooth easy penetration and it stays in like a true "plug"! 5/5 (Posted on 18/07/2013)

    2. If you are used to anal play, this is the one... by nudilover

      Quality may be thinking about getting a simple butt plug, looking at the beginner's one, thinking you'll outgrow it quickly and wondering about just jumping to this one. If you're not used to ass play then I wouldn't recommend doing that! This one IS bigger, and even if it doesn't look that much bigger when held in your hand, your ass will know the difference and tell you about it pretty quickly by tightening up on you and refusing to give!...well it might not go so wrong, but why risk missing out on some amazing, fulfilling sex with anal involved by putting yourself off too early on?

      However, if you are used to having things in your ass, then it's definitely one to get. It's that little bit more substantial and makes you feel filled more easily. Also it doesn't pop out at the drop of a hat, as the slim ones can during orgasm! It sits more securely. This is a really nice addition, simple and no frills, and let's face it sometimes you just don't want too much fancy stuff going on down there!! (Posted on 09/04/2010)

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  • Sex Tip For Traditional Butt Plug 4
    Slide a butt plug into place, and then treat your lover to a fabulous treat by playing with their front bits as well!
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