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Sometimes She Lets Me

Sometimes She Lets Me


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Sometimes She Lets Me

22 butch/femme erotic stories, edited by Tristan Taormino

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    Best Butch/Femme Erotica - the Pleasure of Opposites Attracting... Butch/femme is erotic iconography. Butch/femme is bulging jeans, smeared lipstick, stilletto heels, and sharp haircuts. It's about being read and being seen. Sometimes it's about passong or not passing. It's about individual identity and a collective sense of community. It's personal, political. It's sexual electricity and power exchange. It's the visceral space between the flesh and the imagination. - from the Introduction by Tristan Taormino.

    Does the swagger of a confident butch make you swoon? Do your knees go weak when you see a femme straightening her stockings?

    In Sometimes She Lets Me Tristan Taormino choses her favourite butch/femme stories from the Best Lesbian Erotica series.

    Even if you think you know what goes on in the bedroom between femmes and butches, these 22 stories will delight you with erotic surprises. In Joy Parks' delicious Sweet Thing, the recently arrived town librarian shows a butch baker some new tricks in bed. On a chase through the woods, the stud in Tag!, by D. Alexandria, finds her baby girl by scent alone. And the girl in a pleated skirt gets exactly what she wants from her Daddy in Pehggy Munson's The Rock Wall.

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    Author:Edited by Tristan Taormino
    Publisher: Cleis Press
    Publishing Date: 2010
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    A sneaky peek between the covers: She grabs a fistful of my hair before the door closes behind us. She locks the bolt and pulls me over to the bad. 'I'll call you Dee and you call me Jimmy. Get on your knees...'
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