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Sh! Vibrating Silicone Vaginal Dilators Set

Sh! Vibrating Silicone Vaginal Dilators Set


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Sh! Vibrating Silicone Vaginal Dilators Set

Soft Dilating Trainers with Bullet Vibrator for Vaginismus

Key Features:

  • The world's first vibrating, soft silicone dilating trainers - Buy whole set or individually
  • Firm yet flexible dilators that bend to accommodate the body’s natural curves
  • Softly tapered tips for easier insertion and more comfortable use
  • Quickly & easily turn the dilators into vibrating playthings popping the accompanying bullet into the base
  • Made from silicone, which is hypoallergenic, non-porous and free from phthalates and latex

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  • Product Description

    The world's first vibrating, soft silicone vaginal dilators - You can choose to buy the full set (£54) which comes with 4 x sachets of lube, plus 1 bullet vibe or buy the dilators separately (individual prices below) in which case each comes with a bullet and 2 sachets of lube.

    We are exceptionally proud to introduce our brand new vaginal dialators. Having spoken to thousands of women diagnosed with vaginismus or vulvodynia, women recovering from chemo and/or radio therapy in the genital area and also post-op trans women needing to dilate their new vaginal canal, it became evident that the dilators provided by the NHS just aren’t what women want. Comments such as “too blunt”, “too plastic” and “too painful to use” were heard time and time again, so we set about creating better, more user-friendly dilators.

    Our set comprises of four soft silicone dilators, all in lovely lilac ( if bought individually, colours may vary)

    Insertable length and diameter of each dilator: 

    • Dilator 1 - £19 - 2.8 inch (71mm) / 0.3 inch (12mm)
    • Dilator 2 - £21 - 3.9 inch (99mm) / 0.5 inch (16mm)
    • Dilator 3 - £23 - 4.75 inch (20mm) /  0.75 inch (18mm)
    • Dilator 4 - £25 - 5.75 inch (145mm) / 1 inch (24mm)

    Purchase the set of four trainers, or just the size/s that you need to further the process.

    The Sh! Vibrating Dilating Set comes with a Sh! Bullet vibrator (batteries included) that we hope will make your experience of dilation more enjoyable. Simply turn on the vibrating bullet, pop it into the trainer you are using and enjoy pleasurable vibration! Vibration can be really helpful when it comes to relaxing tense nerve-endings, and it can make the whole experience much more fun

    In the box, you will also find a selection of lube samples for you to try out. Drizzle lube on to the dilator and also on to your vulva and vaginal entrance before inserting a trainer. This will enhance glide and sensuality as well as help with any lack of natural moisture and potential resistance. 

    Dilation is a slow process (sorry - we know it's frustrating, but there really are no shortcuts), and it is important that you don't try to skip a step just to get to "the end". Take your time; build your confidence and ensure you are fully comfortable with the insertion of one size before moving on to the next. Always start with the smallest size. 

    Made from silicone, the best material for all toys and products intended for intimate use, the dilators are easy to keep clean. Simply spritz with antibacterial toy cleaner and wipe off; wash with antibacterial soap and warm water. You can even sterilize by washing on the top rack of a dish washer (no soap or dishes and make sure to remove the vibrating bullet first!) or boil in a pan for 3 minutes. 

    We recommend purchasing the Sh! Dilating Set kit on the advice of your doctor, nurse or therapist. Self-diagnosing isn't recommended, and if you experience pain in the vulva and/or vaginal area, we recommend seeing a medical professional before attempting the dilating process.




  • technical info

    Materials: Silicone
    Phthalate Alert: None

    Actual Length:                          

    • Trainer 1: 4 inch (103mm)
    • Trainer 2: 5 inch (126mm)
    • Trainer 3: 6 inch (152mm)
    • Trainer 4: 7 inch (180mm)

    Playable length:

    • 1: 2.8 inch (71mm)
    • 2: 3.9 inch (99mm)
    • 3: 4.75 inch (20mm)
    • 4: 5.75 inch (145mm)

    Diameter (at widest):

    • 1: 0.3 inch (12mm)
    • 2: 0.5 inch (16mm)
    • 3: 0.75 inch (18mm)
    • 4: 1 inch (24mm)

    Batteries: 3xLR44
    Supplied with Toy: Yes
    Intensity on full power: Medium
    Volume on full power: Can't be heard from next room
    Weight: 1-Light (61g without bullet, 81g with bullet) / 2-Light (71g without bullet, 90g with bullet) / 3-Light (88g without bullet, 107g with bullet) / 4-Medium (123g without bullet, 142g with bullet)
    Ease of Use: Easy
    Speeds: Single
    Offers: Vibration only
    Waterproof: Yes (without bullet)
    Lube: Any

    Care & Cleaning of Sh! Vibrating Silicone Vaginismus Set:

    Use Sh! Toy Cleaner/Soap/10% bleach solution/rubbing alcohol. Rinse thoroughly. To sterilize: Boil 3 minutes / dishwasher - top rack! Avoid breaking surface of your dildo. Keep away direct heat/sunlight. Store in dry, fluff-free place.

    Remove bullet and wash separately ensuring no water near/inside battery area. Rinse & dry thoroughly. Store cool, clean & dark environment."

  • Product Reviews
    1. Lovely Design by Vulval


      Thanks for the lovely dilator set that you sent us, it looks fabulous. I went to The London Vulval Pain Support Group meeting on the 4th June 2016 and showed it to the ladies there – much interest. I like the design – not too large – and the optional bullet. (Posted on 23/06/2016)

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  • Sex Tip For Sh! Vibrating Silicone Vaginal Dilators Set
    Make the dilation process a whole lot more enjoyable by working on your arousal levels before using the dilators. We recommend a sexy book or video, or perhaps a gentle arousal gel on and around the clitoris. Feeling aroused and in the mood for sexual activity will help with insertion of the trainers, plus it'll make it much more fun!
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