Rubber Restraint Wrist Cuffs

Thick Black Latex Bondage BDSM Handcuffs

Key Features:

  • 3mm thick rubber cuffs for strong, comfortable wrist restraint
  • Each cuff is 2 inches wide, protecting wrists from pinching no matter how you struggle.
  • Flexible, with a slight 'give' - these restraints are both easy to use and easy to clean
  • Secure, strong handcuffs with D-Rings for running ropes through - attach your partner to the bed, a chair or anywhere else your imagination takes you!
  • Handmade by Sh! ® in London England – Top quality, ethically-produced, vegan bondage gear with 1 Year Guarantee
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Product Description

Our rubber wrist cuffs are hand-crafted in the Sh! Studio using 3mm thick rubber and feature eyelet rivets, chrome studs and a tough, secure D-Ring perfect for running chains or ropes through.

Use these sexy restraint cuffs to attach your lover to your bed, the radiators, even yourself .... the only limit is your wicked imagination!

Rubber restraint cuffs feel comfortable against the wrists and because they naturally have some 'give' in them, they can be pulled tight to feel really secure without pinching. They are very easy to use too; simply wrap the restraint cuffs around your captives wrists, pull securely and buckle up.

Each cuff is 2 inches wide and fits wrists 5 - 8 inches in circumference

Care and Cleaning: Rubber restraint cuffs are super easy to clean too; simply wipe them down with a damp cloth. Dont's store in an airtight container as

Technical info

Material: Rubber Chrome & Nickle Plated
Length: 290mm
Width: 45mm
Fits: 140mm-200mm
Weight: Light (144g)
Ease of Use: Easy Peasy
Cleaning: Wipe down with soapy warm water. Air dry.


Sh! Original!

Product Reviews

by Jason
80% of 100
80% of 100
80% of 100
Nice sturdy rubber, very flexible and seems to create the desired effect without too much discomfort. Be aware will stick to skin if too tight.
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