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Lelo Smart Wand: Medium

Lelo Smart Wand Medium Luxury Massager


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Lelo Smart Wand: Medium

8.7" Luxury, Rechargeable Massager: 8 Vibrating Settings Increase on Contact

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  • Product Description

    This sleek and innovative wand massager from Luxury sex toy brand Lelo, harnesses the latest Lelo technology and a soft, flexible design to truly hit the spot in style!

    The Lelo Smart Wand has a range of eight powerful pulse modes to discover, and a revolutionary touch-sensor causes vibrations to increase as the massager comes in contact with your body, allowing you full control over powerful pleasure that grows at a pace that's right for you.

    From a deep throb to an intensely powerful zing, the 8 different settings offered by Lelo's wand massager are concentrated on the smooth, rounded ball-end, where they resonate to deliver amazing external stimulation that is recommended by many sex therapists for super-powerful female orgasm.

    The famous american sexologist, Betty Dodson, recommends wand massagers to women who have difficulty reaching orgasm as their amazing intensity just cannot be matched by battery-powered vibrators. Lelo's Smart Wand allows you to experience this forceful power with a stylish luxury design.

    Smart Wand is made from the smoothest body-safe silicone. The silky surface feels soft and slippery on the skin while an enlarged flexible tip spreads the sensations more effectively than conventional wand designs.

    Fully waterproof and rechargeable, as well as impressively quiet, Lelo's Smart Wand massager delivers high-powered, discreet vibes making it perfect for enjoying anywhere from the bath or shower, to travelling for business or pleasure. With a simple and easy-to-use 3 control interface, this wand from Lelo is as fabulous a toy for a beginner as a seasoned professional!

    We recommend using a few drops of water-based lubricant with Lelo Smart wand as this will enhance your sensations and enjoyment no end!

  • technical info

    Useful Info for Lelo Smart Wand

    Material: Silicone & ABS Plastic 
    Phthalate Alert: None
    Actual Length: 220 mm / 8.6 in.
    Playable length: 49 mm / 1.9 in.
    Diameter (at widest): 42 mm / 1.7 in.
    Power: Rechargeable 
    Supplied with Toy: Yes
    Intensity: Wowser - Deep Throbby
    Volume: Can't be heard outside of the duvet
    Weight: 155g
    Ease of Use: Easy 
    Speeds: 8
    Offers: Vibration, 8 different pulse modes & SensaMotion - Increases power on contact
    Waterproof: Yes 
    Lube: Water-Based Lube Only 
    Care & Cleaning of Lelo Smart Wand: Spray with Sh! Toy Cleaner or wash with mild soap & rinse thoroughly. No water near battery area. Air dry.
    Store in case provided/ cool, clean, dark place.

  • Product Reviews
    1. It is an expensive item but if you like wand vibrators,I am sure this is in the premier range. by BC


      I am a big fan of Lelo products and I am the proud owner of a number of thier products. Before I commence the review I must declare that my favoiutite vibrators are either G spot or classic varieties.

      I have experimented with wands previously and I have found this to be the best one to date. It is luxurious and likke many of Lelo products it is rechargable, comes with avery neat srtoareg bag and is fitted with a travel locking mechanism.

      It has a variety of vibration settings, eight in total plus the sense touch mode. There is also a larger version, which my husband also bought me. The medium version is approximately 9 inches in length and the bulbous massaging head is just over 5 inches in circumference. The wand is relatively light weight for the size. Given the power of the wand it is very quiet when in use.

      Not being a regular user of a wand I found the vibrations far more diffuse and less pin point when performing a clitoral massage with sensations radiating to my vulva and particularly my vaginal lips. Despite not being a great fan of wand vibrators, I have always had very intense orgasms when using it.

      I much prefer the medium size wand for vulval and clitoral massage. I get my husband to perform an overall body massage with the larger wand whilst I am using the medium wand for clitoris and vulva.

      (Posted on 16/11/2013)

    2. Designed for ease of use, it is sturdy but light with simple controls and many functions to explore and enjoy. by DC


      In terms of shape, the handle of the Wand is well designed with a level of curve that allows you to lay back and use the wand clitorally without needing to stretch or strain. This shape also works well when using the wand for shoulder and back massage allowing you to reach further than you would first expect.

      The full length of the wand is just under nine inches with the head of the wand measuring just two inches long. The head of the wand is flexible and the sturdy and the lightweight and curved handle of the wand is easy to grip and comfortable in the hand.

      Holding the handle I noticed that surprisingly little vibration manages to carry through to it so there is no hand numbing during play if held this way, though I did find myself holding the handle further down so as to get more control over the wands pressure. The flexible head can take alot of pressure so if like me you are a fan of really pressing vibrations against the clit tightly then this won’t affect the strength of vibration at all (in my experience most wands can’t take this pressure without losing some power)

      Apart from having seven steady levels of vibration which range from quite mild to quite reasonably powerful, the Smart Wand also features seven different pulsing and escalating settings which cover a nice range of patterns. I particularly enjoy some of its slow building escalation modes.

      One thing I hadn’t known about before the Wands arrival was its SenseTouch setting which is exclusive to Lelo Smart Wands. The SenseTouch setting is activated by holding down the function button for a few seconds. Once switched on this function is ideal for back and shoulder massage as it is designed to sense when the head of the wand is in contact with skin and to build strength for deeper stimulation of muscles.

      SenseTouch will only work when the wand is in contact with skin giving muscles a strong level of massage, when not in contact with skin it will simply decrease power until it is at a low setting meaning that battery charge isn’t wasted.

      While attachments from other brands of wands may fit the Medium Smart Wand (Lelo haven’t released any for the Wands yet) care should be taken to ensure that the SenseTouch setting is switched off when attachments are used with the wand. The technology that senses contact with your body can easily mistake the pressure from attachments for skin contact and this can quickly run down the wands charge.


      Safe materials, two hour charge, range of vibrations and settings, suitable for both sexual and non-sexual massage.


      Maybe not one for serious power queens.

      <p>In Summary:

      With its lightweight and well designed handle, safe materials, decent range of vibration levels, SenseTouch setting for muscle massage and quick two hour charge time; The Lelo Medium Smart Wand works well as both a clitoral vibrator and back/shoulder massager. (Posted on 06/03/2013)

    3. The toy is absolutely beautiful and has so much class. I fully endorse what the other reviewers have said. by Myleene


      What I want to add though is a tip based on my experience with the wand. If you are used to strong steady vibrations from previous toys such as the Hitachi etc then you may be tempted to power the Smart Wand up to high, plonk it onto yourself and enjoy the ride. I have to admit I did this for a week and was a bit put out when my partner insisted I try the pulsation wave effects the vibe can deliver.

      To me on/off/on/off vibration could not be better than on all the time stimultation but I am so glad I allowed myself to be bullied into trying it. I have found that strong fast pulsing are far more stimulating than continuous high power. Maybe its like a flashing light is more noticable than one that is always on - you just get acustomed to a constant level of stimulation while constantly changing stimulation makes you take more notice? - if there are any sensory biology professors reading this then please comment :).

      So what has been the result? I am sure even though I have only tried it maybe 3 times so far that the pulsing brings me to orgasm in around half the time of the steady vibrtation alone. Now this is not just the newness of the toy as remember I started out for a week using it on steady vibration so I am used to it and the wow its new factor has already faded.. One thing though, I do like to click up to steady vibration just before cumming as I do believe this makes the peak last a bit longer. I'll post updates if I discover my initial observation is wrong.

      The one thing that this has made me thing that Lelo should add to the MK2 version as and when is a button to jump to flat out steady vibration from whatever setting you are on - a sort of 'orgasm mode' - as such would take the need for nimble fingers at an awkward time out of the equation. (Posted on 08/11/2012)

    4. If you are considering a Smart Wand we would say go for the Medium. by Under


      We bought both the Large and Medium Smart Wands as we could not decide which to go for. Having used them both its really not hard to chose now. The Meduim is compact, light, powerful, comfortable to hold and the vibrations penetrate. The Large is heavy, cumbersom, generates less stimulation, and the handle vibrates/wobbles like crazy at higher speeds making it unpleasant to hold. It could be as simple as the motor in the Large being too powerful for the weight of the toy but whatever it is the Large scores poorly compared to the Medium.

      Specifically about the Medium we would say that it is a more friendly size, lending itself to easier storage, carrying in a purse and more finesseful use. The controls are easy to use, the patterns of pulsation are fun and the touch sensor function is grfeat for intuative control of strength. Battery life seems great and charging is relatively quick. Cleaning is easy and the texture of the unit is lovely to the touch.

      (Posted on 26/10/2012)

    5. Our favourite lelo so far by Jimmy


      My wife and I are huge fans of the wand style vibrators, now owning several styles. We'd be waiting for the release of the Lelo Smart Wand for some time and snapped one up as soon as they were available. As with all Lelo products design and manufacturing quality is really up there, making their toys some of the best out there.

      The main feature that this wand has over the others is it's Sensetouch function, where the wand responds to pressure by increasing and decreasing the strength of the vibrations accordingly, this along with the very sleek design, makes it our favourite by far. The silky feel of the silicone, a good range of vibrations and the small wireless free nature of the toy also help too! (Posted on 21/06/2012)

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  • Sex Tip For Lelo Smart Wand: Medium
    Try the different modes of Lelo's wand all over your body. The touch-sensor technology will make the vibes progressively stronger and cause a body-tingling build-up to the grand finale.
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