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Lelo Smart Wand: Large

Lelo Smart Wand Large Full-Size Luxury Massager


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Lelo Smart Wand: Large

12" Luxury Massager: 8 Powerful Settings Build on Contact

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  • Product Description

    The large and in charge big sister of the revolutionary Lelo Smart Wand, this sleek and innovative wand massager from super-luxurious brand Lelo, harnesses the latest technology and a soft, flexible design to hit the spot in style!

    The Large Lelo Smart Wand has a range of eight powerful pulse modes to choose from, and a revolutionary touch-sensor that causes vibrations to increase as the massager comes in contact with your body.

    The power grows steadily at a pace that's right for you, and the large size of the head means that the vibrations offered by Lelo's wand massager are concentrated exactly where you want them. From a deep throb to an intensely powerful high speed, the Large Lelo Smart Wand can't be beaten on sheer power or style.

    This Large Smart Wand from Lelo is made from the smoothest body-safe silicone. The silky surface feels soft and slippery on the skin while an enlarged flexible tip spreads the sensations more effectively than conventional wand designs.

    This particular size is standard for a lot of popular wand massagers, meaning that you will easily be able to find fabulous sex-essories to fit on the end of the ball-end, increasing the versatility of this designer wand in any way you want.

    Fully waterproof and rechargeable, as well as impressively quiet, Lelo's Large Smart Wand massager delivers high-powered, cordless vibes making it perfect for enjoying anywhere from the bath or shower, to travelling for business or pleasure. With a simple and easy-to-use 3 control interface and unbeatable power, this large sized wand from Lelo will cast its spell over you!

    We recommend using a few drop of water-based lubricant to enhance sensations and your enjoyment of Lelo Smart Wands

  • technical info

    Useful Info for Lelo Smart Wand, Large

    Material: Silicone & ABS Plastic
    Phthalate Alert: None
    Actual Length: 304 mm / 12 in.
    Playable length: 60mm / 2.4 in.
    Diameter (at widest): 80mm / 3.2 in.
    Power: Rechargeable
    Supplied with Toy: Yes
    Intensity: Wowser - Deep Throbby
    Volume: Can't be heard from next room
    Weight: 395g
    Ease of Use: Easy 

    Speeds: 8 with tactile reponse that builds intensity on contact

    Offers: Vibration and different pulse patterns
    Waterproof: Yes
    Lube: Water-Based Lube Only
    Cleaning of the Lelo Smart Wand, Large: Spray with Sh! Toy Cleaner or wash with mild soap & rinse thoroughly. No water inside battery area. Air dry.
    Care of the Lelo Smart Wand, Large : Store in a cool, clean, dark place.

  • Product Reviews
    1. Always my go-to toy by LaCamilla


      First off I have to say that I have become very attached to this toy since I got it nearly a year ago. It was bought as an "away from base" toy as I then always used my Hitachi for playing at home but to be frank the Hitachi only comes out now if the Lelo has run down and forgot to charge it. So what are the good and bad things about the Lelo to help you decide if its for you?

      1. The packaging, build quality, feel and materials are A1+. This is no adult novelty but rather a serious lux bit of kit.
      2. Its waterproof. You may not think you would want to try in in the bath but you will and you will be so glad you did so this facility is well worth having. It also makes washing and care a sinch as no issues about getting water where it shouldn't go. This is especially good at "that time of the month" as any mess just washes off.
      3. The vibrations are stupefyingly good! Its a fact that orgasms you have to struggle to hold back will build and build until they overwhelm you whereas ones you have to struggle to get to can be a bit wimpy and you end up relieved you made it over the line rather then blown away on the power. Well if, like me hand masturbation and ordinary toys can be a struggle the Smart Wand is for you. I always end up clenching every muscle I have to hold things back when this baby is on me and so the orgasms are pretty much off the scale good.
      4. Its unisex enough and has enough power to get you guy off too!
      On the negatives list:
      5. Vibration goes up the handle too much and makes you hand feel weird.
      6. The controls are too small and too close together so getting the wrong one when you are concentrating on climaxing is a risk. I like to max the power just before I orgasm but sometimes I hit the function button and it goes into pulsing mode which temporarily kills the moment.
      7. Its not as ergonomic as you would think and holding the proper part of the handle, having a finger or thumb on the controls and using it to masturbate all at the same time is not practical. Much shorter handle would have been good as then it wouldn't have caught on the underside of the bedclothes in use and after all the long handle is only really of use for back massage which I for one am not interested in.
      8. Its charger fits but is not interchangeable with those of other Lelo toys. I have plugged in the charger off my Soraya and then come back to find it hasn't charged!!
      9. The power increase between settings is far from even. Think of it as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,50 as from 7 to 8 is a massive step up with the quality of the vibrations changing from wobble to intense zing and the speed going up many levels. Great in a way but if hi is too hi for you then the next step down may disappoint.
      10. No easy "off" button so when you are finished or worse, when one of the kids comes in, you can't kill the toy and the noise it is making.

      But on balance its such an amazing toy and the orgasms it gives so easily are so intense and quick it is my always go to toy when I want to masturbate. (Posted on 18/06/2013)

    2. Prefer the medium-size by Steve&Carol


      We bought both the Large and Medium sized Smart Wands. See our other review for info on the Medium which we found the better toy by far.

      The Large is very large and definitely screams out, 'I'm really a back massager', when you look at it. It is also rather heavy and cumbersom to work with. The finish and look of the thing are beautiful and the packaging is really classy but where the Large falls down is in use. Unlike the smaller versuion the Large's vibrations really travel up the handle to your hands and rattle your hand and fingers unpleasantly when the unit is on a higher setting. The thing is prone to a knocking sound as if the rotating weight in the head were catching the casing sometimes and this is not great for an expensive toy. Worts though, the vibration is sort of at a lower frequency than those of the Medium and even on high settings it just does not penetrate and feel as good as those of the Medium.

      conclusion: buy the Medium (Posted on 26/10/2012)

    3. Larger has more of a 'deep throb' by BigBird


      I opted for this larger version of the toy and not the 'medium' one because of what a girl at Good Vibes told me before I found out there was a fem friendly store here in the UK. Basically she had used both and had two useful comments. Firstly the smaller one has a more buzzy vibration while the large has more of a deep throb feel. This is to do with frequency not power as she told me both are very strong. The second useful point was that the pitch of noise from the medium wand is higher and seems to travel more, increasing the risk of the toy being heard.

      The toy is ultra luxurious. The look and feel are beautiful and it just feels quality in the hand. Its also the first high strength wand I have ever seen not to look either like a kitchen appliance or something from the gym. It is boudoir friendly and so complements good lingerie and bedding.

      Having owned Hitachi Wands for years the size of the toy is nothing out of the ordinary to me but if you are new to vibes or have only ever owned smaller, maybe insertable, ones you could be in for a bit of a shoch as its a bit of a monster, though I have to say that as Ok with the visuals its really comfortable to hold use. I like the size as it makes a statement having something this big arching up from my sex - "I'm masturbating, I have a beautiful toy and I ain't hiding the fact".

      Recharging a toy is a new one on me. Battery vibes were good to go if the batteries were fresh. My electric toys (Hitachi Wahl and Eroscillator) are ready as soon as plugged in but this toy needs 'notice' to be ready to please and if you put him away tired he won't be ready to play next time. I did catch myself out a couple of times with this and had to swap back to the Hitachi when the Lelo started to flag but now I have a routine and I recommend it to all users. Basically its is: Play, clean, charge and then put away. If I only use it for 15 minutes, which is an average solo for me, it goes on charge while I brush my teeth and get sorted for bed and that seems to be ample to keep it topped up.

      Using the Lelo takes some getting used to so don't expect it to be as simple as flicking a switch and riding to bliss. There are what 8 programmes to run through and finding the small push patch switches in the herat of the moment is not easy at first. The automatic function is great though. Put the wand on this and it does nothing until the head touches you. When it makes contact you get a slow soft vibe that builds as you press on. This function is lovely too when I have hit orgasm and its sensitive but I don't want to stop completely as I just bounce the head of the vibe and it never gets to full power.

      All of the above things like the Hitachi can do (sort of) but the two things that make the Lelo me favourite toy out of the arsnel of hand helds I have are:

      1. Its waterproof! I had used a 'Rub your ducky' toy in the bath but never got off on it and so had to fall back on the showerhead or my hand for bliss among the bubbles. The Lelo hops in the bath with me for a lingering love-in without risk to it or me. Its also nice in the shower of course but being in a deep hot bath with the head of the Lelo tucked up where it counts is the best.

      2. Being waterproof and not mains electric I can safely insert the head for extreme stimulation and stretch. Having such intense vibration inside feels crazy good, and is as intense as a Sybian insert (I have one of those too). I may well get a second Lelo for outy play so I can do inny and outty at the same time.

      In conclusion this is a very very beautiful and powerful toy that brings me off delightfully. I'm 100% glad I got it and recommend it to any woman looking for luxury and pleasure. (Posted on 20/10/2012)

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  • Sex Tip For Lelo Smart Wand: Large
    Try the different modes of Lelo's wand all over your body. The touch-sensor technology will make the vibes progressively stronger and cause a body-tingling build-up to the grand finale.
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