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Lelo Massage Candle

Lelo Massage Candle


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Lelo Massage Candle

Luxury Soya Candle Melts Into Scented Oil: Choice of Delicious Scents

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  • Product Description

    Lelo Massage candle is an amazing luxury massage experience with a delicious scent to draw you into a world of sensuality.

    A Lelo Massage Candle is fantastic for creating the mood for intimacy, for relaxing evenings, and for slow sensuous massage. Light the Candle, allowing the scent to infuse the room. Then extinguish it and pour the melted oil onto your lover's skin.

    Following this it's time to launch into a slow and sensuous massage for ultimate relaxation and erotic potential.

    This candle is made of soya oil, and burns at a very low temperature, so the melted oil can be poured onto the skin. It also contains apricot kernel oil and shea butter to soothe and moisturise.

  • technical info

    Lelo Massage Candle: Black Pepper & Pomegranate Spec

    Recommended for: Non-Intimate Massage
    Single Handed Application: Yes
    Quantity: Heavy (389g)
    Ingredients: Glycine Soya, (Soy) wax, Butyropermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Perfume (D-Limonene, Linalool, Hexylcinnamaldehyde)

  • Product Reviews
    1. Overall, we were very impressed with this candle by Couple


      I really enjoyed this Lelo massage candle and would recommend it for anyone who is after a long, subtly fragranced sensual massage. It has certainly left me wanting to try out more products like this in the future. He Says: There are two main ways of using these candles. One is for sensation play, dripping hot wax onto a partner. The other is to use the molten wax as a warm massage oil (the only difference between a wax and an oil being the physical state they are in). We are much more interested in this second use. The instructions suggest you let the candle burn for a while before use to let a sufficient volume of oil form. We found at least half an hour was necessary the first time we used this. For subsequent uses the time was reduced, as there was now a crater the oil could pool in, if that makes sense? You should then blow the flame out and wait 30 seconds for the oil to cool, before pouring it over your partner's back (or wherever else you want to massage). Or at least that is what the instructions suggest. Lucy found the oil a little too hot dripped directly onto her skin (merely uncomfortable, not burning hot). So we found a better method for us was for me to drip it into my hands, and then rub onto her back after a couple of seconds. The oil works very well from the masseurs point of view. It is pretty viscous, so doesn't run where you don't want it. Also, it seems to be absorbed only very slowly so a little a goes a long way. I was very impressed with how long this remained liquid for; one of my worries was that it would rapidly solidify and just coat the area. t looks beautiful, is effective, and I would estimate that you would probably get 10-20 uses out of it. So, with the caveat of not having tried any of its competitors thus far, we would definitely recommend this Lelo massage candle. Original Review posted: (Posted on 13/12/2014)

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  • Sex Tip For Lelo Massage Candle
    When you want to put the Lelo Massage Candle out, put the metal lid back over it so the beautiful scent isn't spoiled by smoke.
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