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Leather Flogger with 10 Tails"

Leather Flogger 10  Inch Tails


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Leather Flogger with 10 Tails"

Quality BDSM Toy - Ideal First Whip for Beginners


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Key Features:

  • Lightweight, playful flogger whip, with 10 inch long leather tails
  • Delivers a range of sensations from soft and tickly to a stinging 'thwack'!
  • Easy to use and not too 'severe' - a great first whip for beginners
  • Perfect for slowly building up endorphines and arousal during a sensation-driven session
  • Slim, easy-to-grip wild print handle

  • Product Description

    Lightweight and easy to wield for hours of sensory play, this leather flogger with extra long tails is ready to whip you into a frenzy. 

    We love floggers for their tickly tails and all the sensuous possibilities they offer. Try gently trailing the strands over your restrained partner's body until they just can't take it any more, then deliver a stinging thwack to remind them who's boss!

    The striking leopard print handle of this flogger lets everyone know you've got a wild side, and the leather/suede tails are not afraid to leave their mark. 

    This flogger looks and feels great in the hand, and will please a willing derrière as well. As with all BDSM gear, make sure that you and your partner communicate clearly about individual boundaries before play. 

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  • Sex Tip For Leather Flogger with 10 Tails"
    Make sure to try out this flogger on your arm before a partner. It's important to get a feel for its power before sharing.
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