Toys Are For Couples Too!

Partners playing with toys together is the new thing.

A few years ago, a couple owning an overflowing toy-box were seen as sexually lacking, or sexually incompatible, or anything-goes swingers.

Even now, movies and TV continue to tout an idea of the “perfect couple”.

The “perfect couple” doesn’t need sex toys – just a beach and rolling waves to get it on…

The “perfect couple” has no need for toys – their desire for each other is passionate to the grave…

Only singles need sex toys – couples have each other’…

We’re here to tell you nobody needs a sex toy – they’re just a great addition, adding variety and a sense of play to your sex life, whatever your relationship status.

Sex Toy Benefits in a Relationship

Vibrating Love Ring

Relationships are a journey and whatever the media tells us, the truth is the urgent desire you feel for each other at the beginning, calms down over time.

This is natural and necessary.

If “new-lust” carried on for years, you’d both keel over with exhaustion!

Plus you’d never get any of that other relationship stuff done, like buying a house or going to Ikea.

Introducing a sex toy in your relationship can reignite those feelings of first-time lust, purely because the experience is new, exciting and full of sexy anticipation.

Over time, couples can get into sexual routines, even ruts, and these can lead to boredom and frustration which are the enemies of relationships.

Mixing it up in the bedroom by playing with a sex toy together can help change or break that routine.

Exploring toys together also helps increase trust and intimacy as they open up a whole new dialog between you.

We see this happen everyday at the Sh! store; couples canoodling, cooing and negotiating over possible purchases, before dashing home to try out their new toys.

Playing with sex toys in your relationship, doesn’t mean you’re not the “perfect couple”.

It simply means you’re a communicative couple; a playful couple; a committed couple!

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