March Erotic Art Exhibition ‘To observe and capture life…’

Sh! Art Exhibition – Launch on Friday 5th March

All this month, Sh! is delighted to be hosting an exhibition of the work of Vanessa Luther-Smith, whose line drawings capture the poise, beauty and individuality of the human form.

Ink Drawing by Vanessa Luther-Smith
Ink Drawing by Vanessa Luther-Smith

Vanessa Luther-Smith is a freelance artist, with a background in animation and life drawing. She exhibits and sells her artwork, always developing her own individual style. She incorporates a range of techniques, from working with traditional artists’ or animators’ tools and craft, to continuing the process with computer software.

This exhibition reflects some of that variety in her work:

“I love to draw the human figure; to observe and capture life and movement in my drawing. All the sketches are quick poses, no more than three minutes long. Some are made with a pencil, some with dip-pen and ink. I like to explore ways of representing what I see and, hopefully, produce work that gives pleasure to others. I have worked some of the poses into playful narratives and others remain as I first saw them, leaving the beauty of the model to make the strongest statement.”

All work exhibited is digitally produced from original, hand drawn artwork.

Free preview on 5th March, please RSVP by emailinh

Exhibition continues at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium until March 31st, 12 noon til 8pm.

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