Tenga Egg Review

Tenga Egg Twister £10
Tenga Egg Twister £10

Being women, we don’t have the necessary equipment to review the boy’s toys we stock ourselves, but of course we want to get feedback on them and make sure they’re great. So we asked a lovely fella we know for a review of one of our most popular men’s sex toys – the Tenga Egg Twister – and the results are back:

‘The Twister looks kinda odd – when I first saw it, I thought it might be chocolate! It’s pretty self-explanatory though – the sleeve pops out, along with a sachet of lube, so it’s pretty self-contained.

Overall, it’s a great toy – the texturing was very stimulating for me, also the amount of friction. I like that the sleeve part is very stretchy too – it was great to give the whole length, not just the head, some attention.

Another good thing about this egg is, if you keep the actual ‘shell’, you can put the sleeve and lube sachet back in and close it up again before throwing it away, so it’s really discreet (specially if you’re living in a shared house or something).

At £10 a pop, it’s not your everyday toy, but I’m definitely interested in trying out the other ‘flavours’, maybe for special occasions.’

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