Sh! 21st Birthday


Having come a long way from the days of renting shop space weekly and saving leccy money in a glass jar, Sh! founders and Directors Kathryn Hoyle and Sophie Walters today wave their pink Magic Wands over the Sh! warehouse & workshop, website & e-tailing (that’s mail order to you and me), and a team of dedicated Sh! Girlz in the Hoxton Square store.

Not only has the company come on in leaps and bounds over the past 21 years, but so has women’s attitude to sex and sexuality. 21 years ago, a woman was seen as a crazed nymphomaniac if she owned a vibrator ~ these days women are almost seen as prudish if they don’t..!

Sex toys have come and gone, designs are getting smaller and more stylish, sex toy materials have their own hashtags on Twitter and women are openly reading erotica on the tube (Thank you, EL James!). Without Kathryn & Sophie, we doubt much of this would have been possible; heading up the first female-run British business selling sex toys with the focus solely on women surely took both guts & balls…albeit pink, sparkly ones with attached remote control and 10 speeds!


‘Our customers are fiercely loyal and supportive of us, spreading the Sh! word and introducing their friends to Sh!, so we want to thank them AND celebrate British business, by offering great freebies on our own manufactured products that are all made by the Sh! Girlz, in the UK.’

Kathryn Hoyle, March 2013


In short, we have 21 amazing deals on our own-brand products and here’s the first one!

Buy a Sh! Vibrating Bullet
Get a FREE copy of our 2012 Limited Edition book SEX: The Bible!


Sex: The Bible


SEX: The Bible showcases all that is Sh! and includes steamy erotica by some of Britain’s best authors, stunning images by British artists and Sh! Girl memories – this book is a real gem that cannot be bought for love nor money! (This is absolutely true: SEX: The Bible is not for sale).

Let us know you want the Limited Edition book, along with your purchase of a Sh! Bullet by sending us a Happy Birthday message in the comments box of your order!

This offer is valid today only (April 1st). Check back tomorrow for a hot new deal!

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