Remote Control Vibrators

Made famous in Channel 4’s Sex Tips for Girls, a remote control vibrator puts your orgasmic destiny in your lover’s hands.

A remote vibrator  has a wireless control unit that is separate to the vibrator which switches the vibe on and operates the different settings from afar.

Playing with a remote control vibrator can not only be fun but also can really connect you as lovers, build closeness and shared secrets, which can feel deliciously ‘naughty’ when playing in the outside world.

Top 5 Reasons for using Remote Control Vibrators

  1. Remote-Controlled vibrators spice up sex!
We-Vibe Classic (£106)
We-Vibe Classic (£106) – – A couples vibrator, designed for intercouse but can be played with remotely…


Long-term lovers can really benefit from playing with a remote control vibrator together as it’ll help reignite the unpredictability and spontaneity of sex.

Forget what you see in movies and TV because it’s normal for these feelings that naturally decline over time as a relationship moves from new-lust fever to the comfortableness of a few years together.

Whether playing with a remote control vibrator in public or at home,  you’ll never know when or where your button’s going to be pushed and that will be incredibly exciting.



2: Remote-control vibrators are easy to use

Remote Rabbit Vibrator £87
Remote Rabbit Vibrator £87

The Remote Rabbit is great for solo play, especially if you find standard rabbit vibrators with integrated buttons fiddly.

Remote vibes are wireless and very easy to use so you can have an rabbit vibrator experience whenever you want.





3: Playing with a remote vibe involves your partner

Remote Play Vibrator £35
Remote Play Vibrator £35

We think that, if your partner is shy about playing with a vibrator together,  a remote vibrator can be a great way to get them involved.

By handing the remote over to your partner, they get to take charge of your pleasure.

You can give them encouragement by giving instructions (more! more!) or just making sexy noises – many remote toys offer different escalating and pulsing sensations so  it’s not hard to get a bit vocal about the pleasure it offers…




3. Remote control pleasure make for fun power play

Lily Remote Control Bullet £34
Lily Remote Control Bullet £34

Remote toys can be great for some playful  power play.

The one in control gets total control of the stimulation their partner receives and for how long…

This can be incredibly arousing for both  partners – Think Mr Grey and Ana. OK, so you may not want to get into the whole BDSM thing, but essentially this is what it is all about; 1 partner runs the ‘scene’ and the other relinquishes. So, if you are the one operating the remote, feel free to tease mercilessly!






4. Remote vibrators can be used on, and enjoyed by, men too..


Oden Remote Couple's Ring £129
Oden Remote Couple’s Ring £129

You can choose a remote-controlled cock-ring for him to wear around his penis and use the separate control ( which uses ‘SensaMotion’ ie small movements of the hand) to send his meat and 2 veg  into dizzying heights of a direct buzz…

This is quite an investment, so for a inexpensive alternative, simply have him slip your remote bullet into his jockies or trouser pocket; he’ll walk funnily when you push the control.

Either-way, what fun to watch him squirm!





5. Fires up Adrenalin when you wear a remote vibrator in public.

Remote Vibrating Knickers £35
Remote Vibrating Knickers £35

Adrenalin, poured out by the adrenal gland, dilates arteries and increases blood flow to the genitals.

So, simply the excitement of playing remotely will super-charge arousal.

If you are finding it  hard to get turned on, playing a remote vibe can kick-start the process, let alone the actual sensations the remote vibrator will deliver…



Top Tip: Do a test-run at home before venturing out to play with a remote vibrator

  • Before you venture out, you’ll want to test how loud your remote-controlled toy is. Is it better suited to a bustling bar than romantic dinner for two?
  • Once activated, how secure do you feel “wearing” your remote control vibrator and how hard will it party in your pants? Can you dance around wildly or would you prefer to remain seated?
  • Talking of which: Does the remote control vibrator give itself away by vibrating the bar stool?
  • What’s the range? Does your remote control vibrator work across a crowded bar or does it have to be closer?

They may take quite a bit of confidence to use out ‘in public’, but whether solo or with a partner, at home or away, a remote vibrator gives you a whole new erotic journey to explore…

We hope you enjoy the journey!

If you’d like any tailored advice or recommendations on buying or using a remote-controlled vibrator please feel free to drop us a line at

We’ll answer you privately. We may also share your question and our response on our blog, so others may benefit, but we promise it will always be anonymous, with nothing left it to identify you.


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