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Dear Sh!

I’m single and masturbate regularly, but sometimes it’s a bit boring. What can I do to make it more exciting?


Hi There,

The trick is to not just masturbate, but seduce yourself!
The art of love should be just as much applied to sex with yourself as you would with a new lover.

Of course there are times when a quick masturbation session is just what the doctor ordered, but don’t fall into the habit of having a masturbation routine with little variation anytime you do it.

If you don’t put time, energy and imagination into having great sex with yourself, as you would a lover, then you’re not really valuing the sex you have with yourself – the longest sexual relationship you will have with anybody!

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The ways women masturbate are many fold and there is no right or wrong way to enjoy a session of solo pleasure. Whether your muff-job involves fingers, toys, shower on full blast, washing machine on slow spin, legs spread or thighs clenched together; the key to a fabulous time is to relax, to fantasise and to keep exploring new ways to pleasure yourself.

A few drops of lubricant (never baby oil or moisturizer, unless you relish an itch in your ditch) will heighten sensitivity. Reading erotica is a great way to source fantasy-material if your imagination needs a kick-start or if weaving a sexy scenario in your over-worked, multi-tasking brain seems like just too much hard work. For women who find orgasms illusive/absent without leave or their hands tire before it arrives, then the sure-fire throb of a vibrator will often help.

So indulge yourself, treat yourself and celebrate yourself!

So, next time (…or the time after) make a date with yourself and enjoy an utterly indulgent time: Champagne? Chocs? A rose for  your pillow? A yummy, aromatic bath lit by candlelight?

And if the chemistry is  right, let the romance swing into raw desire and have a long, delicious sex session with yourself.

Really take your time and build up your arousal. Yes – you know how to give yourself an orgasm. But resist having one until you really can’t take it any more.

Explore all the different erogenous zones and sensitive places with  different touches and different speeds; none of which you’d explore in your route to orgasm.

We promise you the orgasm you eventually have will be sooooo much more powerful. And you will love yourself more for it and you will have learnt more about your body and its reactions. A win/win situation!

Best Wishes

Team Sh!

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  1. An analogy I heard ages ago and like a lot is that “Masturbation is like eating. Whatever you do it will satisfy you but how you do it makes a lot of difference to how enjoyable it will be”. I take it that while sometimes a quickie “snack” is great other times a “5 course gourmet dinner” is needed, and that no matter how nice a “dish” is you get board of it if its all you have to “eat”. as a result I have both a well stocked larder and a full toy and dressing up cupboard!

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