Q&A: I’m interested in spanking?

Hey Sh!

I’m interested in trying spanking with my girlfriend. It’s not something we’ve done before and I can’t make it to one of your classes so I wanted to know how to make it fun and safe. I’d be grateful for any information you can give me. What’s the best type of implement for a beginner?



Hi E,

It’s great to hear from your and also great that you’re thinking about safety in your spanking adventures.

Our first tip is that you get in some practice on a pillow before trying out your technique on your partner. Then have a go on yourself, this way you should get an idea of what you’re going for without any risk of injury.

Once you’re ready to start spanking with a partner always be aware of them, their tolerance might be different from yours and it is important to communicate and stop if they need you to.

Go for well padded areas like the buttocks and thighs, try and aim for the middle or lower part of the bottom. It  might be a good idea to lightly rub or gently spank the area to bring the blood up to the skin.  Pain thresholds rise directly in line with arousal (the more turned-on they are, the more spanking they can take) so our advice is to NEVER rush a good spanking.

To begin with you might want to use a broad flat spanking implement. Blows from something that is hard and narrow are more likleather-shaped-paddle-pinkely to leave lasting marks whereas something hard and flat will leave a lasting redness and soft and flat means no more than a slight blush.

You should also bear in mind that the shorter a spanking implement is the easier it will be to control. You could try one of our spanking paddles with a soft fur side, for stroking over smarting buttocks, or maybe this small whip with it’s soft tendrils.

The final word is a reminder to ask your partner what they want and enjoy and err on the safe side, especially to begin with!

If you have any questions please send them to advice@sh-womenstore.com, if you’d like rubber-whip-small-blackadvice from our sex and relationship expert Sarah Berry please include the subject line ‘Ask Sarah’.

Best Wishes,

Team Sh! xx

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