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The Njoy's of Stainless Steel Toys

Luxury stainless steel toys are perfect for sensual exploration, sharing and intense pleasure...

And the best manufacturer, creating incredibly beautiful and ergonomic toys is Njoy.

Njoy is cast in 316 grade stainless steel and hand polished to that high-quality mirror shine we all know and love.

Stainless steel is non-porous, and can be cleaned (and even sterilised) so feel free to share.

Although the toy may be cool to touch, it will quickly warm to body temperature. If you do fancy a bit of temperature play, we recommend a couple of minutes in the fridge or perhaps a champagne bucket of cold water & ice cubes. Don’t put your Njoy in the freezer though - the colder temperatures of the freezer will quickly turn these toys ice cold and *very* painful to use (and not in a fun way). We don’t want you ending up in A&E with an Njoy stuck inside, so please heed our advice!

Want to warm things up a little instead? Try dipping the toy in a bowl of warm water for a deliciously sensual session.

With so much to choose from, how do you choose the best toy for you? Here’s a brief guide to all the steel we stock at Sh! to help inform your decision:

Njoy Pure Wand £99 Njoy Pure Wand £99

Apparently Njoy have collectively sold enough Pure Wands to go to the moon and back, end-to-end. We sell more Pure Wands than any other steel toy, so we can confirm that it’s massively popular!

Steel is one of the best materials for G-Spot play. The firmness of the Pure Wand makes it a perfect dildo for G-Spotters, and the curved slim shaft makes penetration deliciously simple. You won’t have to thrust hard with this toy, the bulbous end and curved shaft mean small movements give big results!


Njoy Fun Wand £89 Njoy Fun Wand £89

The beautiful Fun Wand is Njoy’s anal dildo. Not as good for G-Spot stimulation, the Fun Wand is a fabulous treat for your bum. If you’re a guy who loves prostate stimulation, we think the Fun Wand would work well for you! The slim curved singular bead will give very direct pleasure, whereas the three beads on the opposite end of the toy are perfect if you’re a lover of anal beads.

Temperature play can also be stepped up a notch with the Fun Wand. Get yourself a warm drink and an ice bucket. Warm up one side of the toy, whilst cooling the alternate end for a deliciously decadent play session!


Calling all who love a bit of anal play, Njoy have some beautiful steel plugs to choose from too:


Njoy Pure Plug £59 Njoy Pure Plug £59

If you’re looking for a plug you can use out-and-about, the Njoy Pure Plug is the one for you. At Sh! we stock the smallest size of Pure Plug, but it *does* also come in Medium and Large, for those who want that little bit more.

The Njoy Pure Plug is designed to be worn throughout the day. The longer neck gives greater comfort along the anal sphincter muscles, and the slight taper creates a gentle movement when squeezed.

Both the Pure Plug and PFun Plug have a curved handle - perfect for rocking back & forth on.

Njoy Pfun Plug £79 Njoy Pfun Plug £79

If you’re looking for a prostate massager that gives you powerful stimulation, look no further! The PFun Plug is designed for manual stimulation (this toy needs to be held in place or the anal sphincter muscles will have a field day pushing it out) and the shape is perfect for hitting that sweet spot!



Njoy Eleven £245 Njoy Eleven £245

Njoy Eleven - the Big Daddy of the Njoy team!

NJoy Eleven is a beautifully crafted steel dildo, specially made for those who like it large!

Weighing in at an impressive 1250g, Njoy Eleven  is the only one of Njoy’s products that is hollow, simply in order to keep its weight to a minimum!


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