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PC Muscle Exercise

The pubococcygeus muscle, or PC muscle for short, is actually a sling of muscles that support the pelvic floor, circling around your genitals and tail bone in a figure of eight shape.

Everybody has a PC muscle – women and men. It contracts involuntarily when you have an orgasm, but learning to consciously flex your PC muscle will greatly enhance your sexual experience.

A Well-Toned PC Muscle is Great for Sex

The PC muscle is not exactly an erogenous zone in the usual sense, but if you strengthen and exercise your PC muscles outside the bedroom and consciously flex your PC muscles during sex – it will enhance every sexual experience you have.

For all: Sensations will feel more intense, blood will flow to your genitals, and your orgasms will be stronger and more powerful. PC muscle exercise and control is the basis of all multiple orgasm techniques. Some lucky bunnies with particularly well-toned muscles can even experience touch-free orgasms, just by rhythmically squeezing and releasing their PC muscle.

For Women: Rhythmically squeezing and releasing your well-toned PC muscle during sex will encourage your flow of lubrication and the actual movement of the muscles will stimulate your clitoris.

Tightness lost to childbirth can be repaired.

A well-toned PC muscle has other health benefits for women; keeping at bay stress incontinence, which can be a consequence of pregnancy, childbirth and general aging.

During penetrative sex, a woman with a well-toned PC muscle can massage the fingers or penis of her partner,  to mind-blowing effect!

For Men: You will have stronger erections (enough to hang a towel off!) and more more control over ejaculation. This means more intense orgasms for themselves and, most likely, for their lovers too.

Before you can exercise it,  first you need to locate the PC muscle.

Do this by halting the flow of pee midstream. Try not to tense any other muscles (like your thighs, back or stomach). If you want to be absolutely sure, if you slide a finger up your bum  whilst squeezing your PC muscle, you will feel the contraction.

How to exercise your PC Muscle .

PC muscle exercise is also known as “kegel exercise” or “Kegels”.

They can be done any time, anywhere; on the daily commute,  or school run, whilst doing the ironing or just while watching the telly…

Anytime you have a spare few minutes can be put to good PC muscle practice, though be aware you may, at first, pull slight face grimaces, as you concentrate,  so perhaps not during a meeting with the boss or lunch within the in-laws!

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You don’t need any essential kit but it can be useful, as well as pleasurable, to have something inside to squeeze against.

For women, love balls worn inside the vagina are the simplest toys for this.  For men, a butt plug  would be the toy of choice.

NOTE: Never put love balls up the bum as they are not safe for anal play and can get lost.


4 Step PC Muscle Exercise program

  1. Contract and relax your PC muscle 25 times, twice a day.
  2. Once you can easily contract/relax your PC Muscle 25 times, move up to doing it 50 times, again twice a day
  3. Once you’ve mastered that, go back to doing 2 x 25, but this time holding each squeeze to a count of 3.
  4. Work back up to 50, twice a day.

If you follow this routine, we promise you will have a PC muscle worthy of a MS Universe trophy!

 PC Mucles Flexing and Breathing

Work at your Kegel Exercises daily, each time trying to improve on both how many, and how long, you can hold the contraction. Try to co-ordinate your breathing in tune with the contraction so that you inhale as you squeeze tight.

The time you’ll really enjoy the fruits of your labour is when you have sex – do your squeezes then and you’ll never look back.

Try to be aware of your breathing too during sex especially if orgasms don’t come easily for you as it may be that because you are unconsciously holding your breath your body can’t let go and surrender to a climax.

Re-learning to Orgasm.

It’s only recently  that anything was said in the mainstream about how  PC muscle exercise can help women to orgasm or to have better, more powerful orgasms.

It’s not uncommon for women who have had a gap from sex to find that whilst they used to have orgasms with a former partner, orgasms with a new partner are not quite so easy. Often this is because their PC muscle has had little or no exercise in the intervening years, making orgasm through penetration much more difficult to achieve. Learning to strengthen the PC muscle with exercise, as well as locating the G-spot will usually help these women back to their orgasmic selves.