Non-Monogamy for Beginners

Thinking about opening up your relationship? Or are you perhaps the new amour coupling up with someone who already has a primary partner? Negotiating open relationships can be a minefield and it is not unlikely that you’ll set off a firework or two before you get it right.

Join us for an elightening introduction to polyamory & other non-monogamous relationships, open & honest communication and how to have more fulfilling relationships with the full consent and knowledge of your partner(s).

The evening will include a discussion on the various non-monogamous relationship styles and their terminology and practical application for those who have already begun their journey into non-monogamy or are curious about how to open a discussion with their partner about non-monogamy.

The talk will cover the following topics:

  • Monogamy is not for everyone and it doesn’t have to be
  • Why be non-monogamous
  • Non-monogamy myths
  • Recognising your own needs within a relationship
  • Open and honest communication with your partner(s)
  • Setting boundaries that you are comfortable with
  • Choose a relationship structure that suits you and your partner(s)
  • Feelings exist and they are ok to have
  • Other people exist and they are allowed to have feelings too
  • Miscommunication and betrayal
  • Love and other chemicals

The talk will be followed by an open and informal group discussion and Q&A for attendees to deepen their understanding of non-monogamous relationship practices.

Book your ticket to our talk on Non-Monogamy for Beginners here. 

This talk is for women & couples.

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