Book Review of Men in Love by Nancy Friday

Nancy Friday’s books are a remarkable collection of real and brutally honest fantasies that have all been put into print for you to enjoy and digest time and time again.

Real-Life Men Share Their Fantasies

Men in Love £9.99
Men in Love £9.99

There are fantasies in here that will inspire a whole range of different feelings in you as you read them. High arousal, right through to shock and even disgust came to me as I worked through the pages of the book. But no matter what I was feeling with each fantasy I read, one thing never changed, I was fascinated and gripped to the point of not being able to put the book down.

Highly recommended for male readers who are curious about what other men think about in this area and what their own fantasies might mean and stem from. Plus female readers who are curious about the male mind in this very private and not much talked about area. There’s a great opportunity found in all of Nancy Friday’s books to really get a sense of what makes people tick sexually and for us to gain better understanding of our own mind and desires.

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